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Thread: Regarding BSL

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    OMG stop breathing now!!!

    Definitely need to ban fords that looks like commodores.

    Smoking definitely needs to go (although the govt are already working on that one)

    I think we need to ban hearts and any internal organs also, they often kill us.

    Socks are dangerous, you could slip whilst walking around the house.

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    Good plan Ange ban living that will save us time and money.

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    could we keep it simple and just ban the trolls?

    and while we're at it, ban di-hydrogen monoxide - it kills more children every year than dogs have since federation.
    Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide

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    jsut ban idiots...... people with common sense dont seem to have an issue....peole should need a lisense to have kids...... end of 90% of the worlds problems.
    it would rid the world of ignorant people, dumb ass attitudes, and mindless crap......
    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    I love 2 things in this world. Spandex and reyzor... not necessarily in that order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelanBatty View Post
    Since the late 1800's the exact same thing happening now with 'pit bulls' (undetermined crossbreeds of a specific structure) has happened with the following:

    Bloodhound - Many different names used for many different types, same thing occuring, as the dog grew more popular, more attacks happened adding a 'ferocious' label to the dog, substandard owners are attracted to the breed, causing more attacks.

    Newfoundland. Same thing.

    Airedale Terrier. Same thing.

    Fox Terrier. Same thing.

    Boston Terrier. Same thing.

    Bulldogs (encompassing all bull breeds including the English Bulldog). Same thing.

    Mongrels. Same thing.

    Huskies, Malamutes and sled dogs of various descriptions. Same thing.

    German Shepherd. Same thing.

    Dobermann. Same thing.

    Rottweiller. Same thing.

    APBT. Same thing.

    Collies. Same thing. Yes the Lassie dogs, both short coat and long.

    The only thing that is the same across all fields (with one or two exceptions) has been human irresponsibility and malice.

    Most of the reported attacks have precursers to the story telling how the dog was teased, beaten, starved, abused and tormented before it has attacked. Or people have knowingly bought a dog for the specific purpose of guarding (without human direction or discretion) a home, business or farmland.

    Clubsprint, read the whole book. What you read was a dedication written by someone else and used in the book. Then come back and damn it.
    I'm not going to waste my time reading what amounts to a dialog of pro pitbull litany. The garbage in the foreward and picture of the author with her pitball is proof enough of the bias contained within. Only a self deluded joker would try and hold this up as evidence. I don't have to read the whole thing to pick it apart. The forward cotained enough comedy. The dedications were laughable at best.
    These excertpts show the emtionally charged language "A new breed of dog would start to be found in attacks and a new unscrupulous media
    would stir this into a storm of hysteria. Not only would the newspapers emphasize breed above all other elements in dog attacks, but the media would print outrageous rumors, myths and theories about anatomy and temperament that earlier generations of reporters had the good sense and professionalism to leave in the children’s playgrounds.

    But no article could compete with the blatant fear mongering and horrendous portrayal of the Pit bull that Time magazine ran this same month. In an apparent attempt to top all
    others in shocking the public into reading their Pit bull article, they ran the headline “Time Bomb on Legs.”
    Horror author Stephen King could not have created a more frightening monster than this portrayal of the Pit bull."
    Of course the book contains pages and pages of Human Stupidity. That this publication appears n a website set up by Pitbull apollogist is no surprise.

    How about some independent data? That would be from someone without a vested interest in the breed?

    Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to June 25, 2010
    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2010,1 Merritt Clifton, editor of ANIMAL PEOPLE, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    Read full study »Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to June 25, 2010 - By Merritt Clifton -
    Study highlights
    The combination of pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canarios, and their mixes:

    80% of attacks that induce bodily harm
    70% of attacks to children
    83% of attack to adults
    69% of attacks that result in fatalities
    75% that result in maiming

    Even if the pit bull category was "split three ways," attacks by pit bulls and their closest relatives would still outnumber attacks by any other breed.
    Pit bulls are noteworthy for attacking adults almost as frequently as children, a characteristic not shared by any other breed.
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    The Psychology of Pitbull owners. How many times do you hear any of these arguments
    Pit Bull Owners - Dangerous Dogs -

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    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    jsut ban idiots...... people with common sense dont seem to have an issue....peole should need a lisense to have kids...... end of 90% of the worlds problems.
    it would rid the world of ignorant people, dumb ass attitudes, and mindless crap......
    The thing about common sense is that it isn't very common at all

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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