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Thread: Victoria is Completly ****ed Part 2

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    Default Victoria is Completly ****ed Part 2

    I love how these threads get closed before I have an opportunity to respond.
    Why have a whole section on the forum called BSL\Dog Legislation and then attempt to stifle discussion?
    Pitchfork at the ready.

    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    Firstly, people do actually have pet crocks.
    Is this allowed in suburbia? Do they have to have special enclosures? Can you just have one in ant suburban back yard?

    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    why anyone would want to own a Hyena is beyond me personally.

    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    Secondly, using your logic, if I dislike a race of people (as you dislike certain breeds of dog) than it is okay for me to want all people in that race eradicated and try and convince people that this is the only way to go?
    I've never said anything about Genocide. In fact it was brought up by others

    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    Clubsprint, I don't know why you continue to flog a dead horse. It is obvious that you are ignorant when it comes to this breed of dog (and any dog similar in appearance). You are making yourself look like a fool by continuing to post ridiculous comments to people who do not and will not ever agree with you.
    Have I no right of reply as others do? Because I don't agree with views of others would you rather I was silent. Here's a clue, stop asking me questions. Have you ever heard the saying "Although I don't agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it"? Is the topic a dead horse? Maybe to those who have made up their minds but it's a very active topic from what I can see. No-one is holding a gun to your head making you read the thread. He's another clue, stop posting hysterical inaccuracies about the legislation and rubbish stories like one about Buck (most likely a fabrication). This is the dog forum not The Pit Bull Forum or am I mistaken? There is a whole section on BSL so how is this a Dead Horse?. Do you call everything you disagree with a dead horse? I hate to tell you this but there will be people your whole life that will disagree with you and call you on what you and other say if they don't agree it. If you haven't gathered by now I love a good disagreement. It's much nicer when the responses don't include personal insults but I understand this is the way some have learnt to argue. How about baking up your arguments with some fact/refenerences. Ive only read two articles on Calgary and I'm expected to take everything else at faith? Cmon.
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    Can I please ask forum members not to respond to this post. The poster has proven they are not interested in a fair debate and this is just clogging up the forum with senselense posts.

    Just take a deep breath and walk away.

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    I closed the thread because it's done it course.. over and over and you have responded over and over.
    Don't open another thread as soon as I close one.. on the same subject.

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