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Thread: Victoria is Completly ****ed Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    I logged off and refreshed and I STILL can't see page 16

    Ok Chop and I meant to quote you and reply to your post like this:

    reply: Well I know what they look like in my head

    but instead I edited your own post and then tried to fix it and then killed the page for myself
    Well then I have no idea what you've done to page 16 , maybe you banned yourself from it lmao!

    And yes but whats in your head seems to be not APBTs.
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    See I always thought if it looked like a duck, waled like a duck, quacked like a duck.. then it was a duck.. maybe in this case they are really dolphins *shrugs*

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    my hand is a dolphin laugh
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    hay chips did you see the post in the chatbox
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    No...too busy reading this and giggling.....
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    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    same gigging
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    In the case of ducks and dogs and people, looks are not everything.

    This duck is actually a member of the goose family.
    Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata) - Birds in Backyards Fact sheet

    Most dogs that look like "pitbulls" are not.

    And occasionally people completely stuff up with humans. Does anyone remember during the Cronulla riots - the Bangladeshi students that got set upon by the thugs - because they looked like "Lebanese". Dark skin, black hair - must be Leb, yeah right. That's what you get judging by looks.

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    Default Victoria is Completly ****ed Up!

    No it's not. It's not the place to live if you want to own a Pitbul or derivative. There is los o scAre mongering going on esspecially amongst the media.
    "A new set of visual identification guidelines spelling out exactly what is regarded as a pit bull or pit bull cross will stop owners claiming their dogs belong to different breeds.
    From Sept 30, dog inspectors will have the authority to destroy any unregistered dog fitting the pit bull description.
    Owners of pitbulls and pitbull crosses will have one month to ensure their dogs are listed on the dangerous dog register," he said.
    If these dogs are not registered by September 29, council officers will have the power to seize and destroy them.
    All Victorian pit bulls and pit bull crosses must be identified on the restricted breed register.
    Dogs on the register must be microchipped, desexed, kept in a secure yard and muzzled and on a lead when in public.
    Owners who fail to notify authorities could have their pets destroyed from September 30."
    Easy, if your dog is registered correctly you have no problem.

    I notice a lot of people are saying "blame the owners not the dog'. This is a fine sentiment but in a modern society rules have to be made when people prove that they can't be responsible. Hand Grenades are harmless but in the hands of an irresponsible owner.....therefore in this country they are illegal. As are fully automatic guns and surface to air missiles.

    Two personal experiences illustrate why this law is needed
    My father was menaced by a Pitbull looking dog whilst walking home from work in the Suburbs. What if that had been a child on a bike?
    I came home one day and the next door neighbors Pitbull Bull Mastif cross was in my back yard as he had broken down the fence. Not a big deal for me as he thought he was in trouble. when he realized I was only going to pat him his bum was hitting him in the head he was wagging so hard. His owners were responsible people but these dogs are so big and powerful that even responsible owners can't garantee the safety of others. One death is too many and I bet Ayen Chol 's parent's are in support. Incidentally I've only ever been bitten by a Fox Terrier, a Labrador, a Border Collie and a Pomerainian.
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    so your saying ban big strong dogs?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
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    Sorry Clubsprint thats a crock of sh**. By your rationale all cars should be banned too lets face it how many deaths do they contribute to. Mmmmm motorbikes are dangerous to people cant be trusted to do the right thing on them so lets get rid of them, clearly the laws implemented to protect motorists from themselves arent working either.
    If we are going to ban a breed how can you guarantee that the ones banned are going to actually be part of the breed. Are you saying because "fluffy"(ficticous name) looks like a pitbull then she has no rights.
    You also mention a Mastiff cross, should we start killing them as well.
    Look i have already said on here that i dont feel comfortable around pitbulls, thats my opinion, even i am not as niave to think that everyone of them is a killer. Knee jerk laws never work.
    After Port Arthur we were told removing semi automatic weapons would prevent re occurences well unfortunately the only automatic weapons being used nowaday are in fact being used by criminals, go figure??? Sydney has had nearly ten days straight of shootings, Melbourne hasnt been without its share either, none of which i guess were by registered firearms.
    And all the dogs you listed have bite records but realistically cant cause the same damage as some of the other breeds.

    One more thing i would just about bet you couldnt pick a purebred pitbull out of a line up.
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