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Thread: My First Pitty Ruined Everything!!!!

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    I really can understand where you are coming from. A lot of this is a full media beat up. But throw enough mud and some is bound to stick.
    I will say that I am affraid of this breed and yes it is well and truely due to how the media portray them.
    Now here is something you could never get away with as an owner of Pitbull.

    I had to take the wife to the dentist and I knew she would be in there for a far while so I made my way outside to be in fresh air.
    There was this oldish man outside with a powerpuff dog of some breed. Someone happened to be walking up the footpath that led him right to them.
    I watched on while he got closer and this little dog was barking mad and the aproaching walker jumping up and down as it wanted to take a piece out of him. The owner just let the dog do as the dog wanted to.
    I walked past him and gave him the dirtiest look I could and continued to our car. The owner had a puzzled look on his face.
    To me I know if I had a big dog doing this it would have been reported. But the owners of these now called lap dogs are allowed to do whatever they fancy.
    It is time for a little more equality. Why should a big dog be picked out as the instergater of things when most times it is the little dog the starts things because their owner are too lazy to train them.
    That is my whinge for the day.

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    the owners of these now called lap dogs are allowed to do whatever they fancy.
    I find this statement is too general in my liking and a bit offensive as I have two small dogs and I and my partner have worked hard for them.
    I do not blame dogs because they belong to specific breeds and expect same regardless dogs' sizes, from people especially people who love dogs.
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    I am sorry if this has offended you as this is never my intentions to do that here.
    But I will stand by what I have put down though I will put this down.
    It is in our area where I see just so much of this.
    From what I can gather you and your Husband are not in this group.
    It is the people like my neighbour that has had this dog thrushed upon him that has never been trained. My daughters friend has one and this if it gets out runs riot and I can keep going. They just have these dogs without any sort of training at all.
    So please accept my appologies as It was not my inrtention to offend anyone here as I know those who are here are doing the right thing.

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    please accept my appologies
    sorry Rid...I won't accept it as it is unnecessary.

    Thank you for your kind words.
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalacreek View Post
    I have known exactly 2 pitbulls in my life - they are not so common where I live.
    The other, her cousin, was downright scary and was finally euthaniased after attacking and severely biting a person passing the front yard of where she lived.
    It's always AFTER. If this attack was by poodle or a Kelpie etc. would as much damage have been done?

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    not the place clubsprint I will do a thread all for you .

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