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Victory! Deed, not Breed! Way to go Springfield, MB!!
Pit bull ban off table | Manitoba | News | Winnipeg Sun
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In the RM of Springfield, it wont be about the breed, it will be about the deed.

Pit bull ban off table

Springfield pet owners applaud


Last Updated: February 10, 2011 10:20pm

In the RM of Springfield, it won’t be about the breed, it will be about the deed.

The rural municipality kicked off a well-attended public forum on its proposed new animal control bylaw Thursday night with an announcement that sparked applause — a move to ban pit bulls was off the table.

Reeve Jim McCarthy could have been forgiven for having a gut reaction to the breed, as a pair of pit bulls owned by a neighbour savagely mauled his family’s border collie outside his Cooks Creek home and threatened other neighbours last fall before one of the dogs was shot by an RCMP officer.

“They ripped my dog apart,” McCarthy said, as he showed a photo of his badly injured pet. “If we don’t do something about irresponsible owners, it can really get out of hand.”

The other pit bull was eventually euthanized by animal control staff.

Springfield council and staff fielded numerous questions from the crowd of more than 120 people at Thursday’s forum.

Anola-area kennel and pit bull owner Kate Simpkin was pleased to see the breed ban turfed.

“We were told council was going to get rid of the pit bull ban and we’re thrilled that is what happened,” she said, adding no breed of dog is inherently dangerous and that bylaws should be tightened to rein in irresponsible pet owners.

Councillors said the bylaw will likely be defeated at second reading. Council — with assistance from staff, community members and consultants — will then revise the draft bylaw before bringing the document back to council.

Council also agreed to increase the number of pets allowed to residents in rural areas and to look into tougher enforcement of regulations.