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Thread: Cat Attack

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    I am wondering if I can get some opinions on an incident that happened this morning on my walk.

    I was walking my dogs this morning, on the footpath, on lead. They were sniffing around doing what they normally do. We past by a big overgrown council bush, they sniffed in and under it, before I knew what was happening, they had dragged a cat out from underneath the bush. I had no idea it was there until they had it. They had hold of it for about 30secs, released it and it dashed across the road.

    Once I got home, I was so worried I went for a drive and saw that the cat had sadly passed away. I am absolutely devestated, as I love all animals.

    2 questions
    1. Should I go see the owner and tell them what happened?
    2. What are the legal consequenses for myself and my dogs if this is reported to the local ranger, remembering we were controlled on 4ft leads and walking on the footpath and the bush is right next to the path?

    My dogs have accidently gotten out once before, many years ago, and they caught a cat and killed it. We went to court and paid the fine, as it was our fault. Ranger took photo's of the dogs. If this is reported will they destroy my dogs or will they label them "dangerous dogs" and make them wear a muzzle while in public? I think I am going to go get muzzles for them anyway for walking, as I would so hate for this to happen again, and at least I will feel I am doing everything I can as a responsible pet owner.

    I just don't know what to do and really need some advice.

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    God, you poor thing - I don't have any practical advice on the legal consequences front, but from an ethical standpoint, I would definitely go and speak to the owners.

    I know how horrible you will be feeling right now, though. A few years ago I ran over a little dog while driving. It was a side street, I was driving around 40km/hr, and this little puppy bolted out of someone's house and right across the road in front of me. It was the most horrible thing, I saw him running out of his front garden and slammed on the brakes, but felt him go under both sets of wheels. Two girls ran out straight after him, so somehow he must have escaped through the front door and they chased him straight away, but were too late. It was the most sickening feeling, and I still feel violently ill when even thinking about and remembering that day. I know that story is somewhat unrelated, but just know that these things happen and I can definitely empathise

    If I were the cat's owner, I would want to know what happend to get some closure, and I'm sure most other pet owners are the same. When one of my dogs was lost last year, one of the most horrible things was just not knowing what had happened - we were prepared for the worst, but desperate to just be able to know.

    That wasn't very helpful, but hopefully somebody else will be able to offer some more practical insight! I imagine that everything should be ok, givne that your dogs were on the lead, though?

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    How awful. Same dog?

    Sorry, no help here hopefully someone will have some sound advice.

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    Personally, I don't think any cat owner should try to get you into trouble considering it's their choice to leave their cat unprotected outside.

    I don't think you'll get into trouble since your dogs were on the lead. Do you know who the owner of the cat is?

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    I don't exactly know who the owner is. I have an idea, but not totally sure. It was same 2 dogs. We have a problem with cats teasing our dogs by walking along the tops of our fences etc. So they just hate cats. I really feel like I should try to find the owner of the cat, but I am also worried that because my dogs have been in trouble before for killing a cat, if I do say something, will the ranger want to destroy my dogs? I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

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    Unless you are absolutely sure that you are speaking to the cats owner do not approach anyone about the incident.
    If you 100 percent sure of cats owner then yes,the right thing to do would be to tell them . Please make sure you explain to them clearly the facts of the incident.

    Facts are ; you were walking your dogs on lead. Stray cat was under overgrown bush on a public pathway . If any fault can be laid I would lay it on the cats owner for letting it wander.

    Are you certain it died because of the dogs ?
    If it dashed across the road after they let it go after having it for 30 seconds then how do we know it wasn't a car that may have ended puss's life?
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    I would not tell another soul but take better precautions in the future.
    I say this as telling them wont bring the cat back & I am unsure if your dogs will get in trouble with the council. I do know if they where seen at fault yes they'd be labeled dangerous dogs & all that goes with that due to the ptevous attack.
    I had a dog made a dangerous dog because it killed a dog that dug into our dogs yard even after I had warned the neighbours to keep the dog home. I even exsplained to them that a livestock guardian sees unknown cainines as a threat & will kill them.
    I would not talk about it anymore if I was you & yes muzzle your dogs or keep them on a shorter lesh.
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    I have PM'd the OP Crazy
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    This is sad hope you are ok mustlovedogs

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    What an awful thing to experience.

    To me, there are two things to weigh up on this matter:

    1. Do you know all of the facts as to how this unforunate kitty ended up under that bush? - no
    2. Do you know for a fact that it is the result of your dogs attachment to the kitty that resulted in the kitty becoming dead? - no

    Write everything down to get it off your chest and off your consience, including how responsible you feel and how afraid your are for your doglets. THEN BURN THE LETTER. Do not discuss the events with anyone. Secrets are best NEVER shared and NEVER disclosed, unless you want them publicly aired.

    Seeking to assuage your perceived guilt (and I do use 'perceived' specifically, because it's not actual without knowing the facts) will achieve nothing except potentially hurting the kitty's owners even more by having to image the 'horros of a dog attack' (and they will imagine this in their minds, over and over), and also potentially expose yourself not only to having your dogs declared dangerous, but possibly destroyed (2nd strike), and even face the potential for civil litigation by the kitty's owners.

    Why chance bringing all of that into your life over something that you do NOT know your doglets were responsible for?

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