In Ontario, Canada Pitbulls are banned. Your not allowed to own them unless they were born before the date the ban came out. They also have to be spayed or neutered and a $200 yearly permit fee needs to be paid in order to own one. Any born after the date of the ban are to be destroyed. A shelter here actually adopts these younger pitbulls out and lies about their age to make it appear they were born after the ban. Now, I do and I dont agree with it. The ban came out in 2005, so the pitbull must be 6 years or older to be legal, they have a 1 year old labeled as a 6 year old to just get it adopted. I would want to know the rough accurate age of my dog, 6 years is a large gap. What are they going to do when the law has been out for 13 years?...hopefully by then its thrown out.

Dalmatians are inbred, I dont trust many. My dog has been attacked by a 6 month old Dalmatian causing some damage. My dog had never been attacked my a pitbull. My dog was just bit by a small terrier mix. But not a pitbull.

I think its the owner who shall be punished. Its not the dogs fault. We as people are responsible for how our dog is brought up, our dogs learn from us. Ultimatly tho, its the dog that suffers the consequence of our actions.