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Thread: The Other Side Of The Pit in the Media

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    Yes very true... ive always been fighting for them. Although never owned one myself, i know heeps of people who do and you just got to LOVE THEM
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    Im assuming its pitbull fighting that this is about? I cant bring myself to watch anything like that. It makes me sick. I dont know how people can enjoy watching and taking part in such cruelty. These dogs have feelins too. Its generally not the dog, its the owner but thanks to these arseholes they have such a bad name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    I know Myf....I know but person by person as they say. I know I will never give up.

    This was and still is being used in parts of Oz to determine if you in fact own a Pit. just might. ( actually had to put the Live one in here as my youtube one had already been disabled.
    22 Point Checklist -

    If this doesn't break your heart dont have one -grab the tissues ( not mine,made from the group I'm a member of but pertains to the 'checklist' that deems YOUR dog a PitBull)

    YouTube - Twas the Night before Christmas - A pit bulls tale...

    Just tried to look at this but its been disable as well from what I can tell. Any chance you can send it another way, I would like to see the checklist. Thanks Chop.

    Watched the Twas the Night Before Christmas thats sooo sad, those last pictures were heartbreaking especially the close up because in black and white that poor pup looked like my baby. What is wrong with people honestly.
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