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Thread: 'Pits' Being Sold Online

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    That point frustrates me as well Sierra. In particular the ones that have No Release beside them.....*sigh*

    And at least that one life has another chance at giving some other deserving family all the love and devotion they can deal with
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    Channel seven must be having a turn of 'exposing' pit bulls after the Bondi Vet debacle.

    There was a story on the general news on Tuesday about pit bulls and Amstaffs and are they the same dog, etc. They did have a soundbite with an Amstaff breeder who I didn't catch. Lots of old footage of bully types growling, running away, behind what looked to be cage doors.


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    Gawd imagen what it'd be like if they wore turbans and barked in arabic!

    Damn Terrior-rists lol, the news is demented, they villify on a whim entire breeds races religions and supporters, for no reasons other than hate mongering.
    They suck.
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