I* have been guilty in the past of overlooking certain key fights going on outside of Australia at times but there are many fighting our fight for us that will in all likely hood never set foot on our soil.
It hasn't stopped them.
Why should it stop me.

A win against these ridiculous laws may be just a ripple but a one ripple creates many

Sign Hershey's Petition

TO: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario
WHEREAS: Aggressive dogs are found among many breeds or crossbreeds;
AND breed specific legislation and breed bans are not effective solutions to the problem of dog attacks;
AND the problems of dog attacks are best dealt with through comprehensive programs of education, training and legislation encouraging responsible ownership of all breeds;
WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to support Bill 60 (aka Hershey's Bill) repealing provincial animal control legislation that is breed specific and instead implement a comprehensive bite prevent strategy that encourages responsible ownership of all breeds.

Stop Canine Profiling - Online Petition