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Thread: This may ruffle feathers....

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    That would be great LisaS

    I think my dog club is way too scared that they will have the viability sued out of them if something goes wrong if they offer any kind of help or class for reactive dogs.

    Which really sucks.

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    Where I instruct at the Albury and Border kennel Club w do work with reactive dogs. We have a give space fluoro coloured vest for people to wear and we take time to help those with the more difficult dogs and give them one on one time...i often use my dogs to help them and get used to other dogs as they are reliable

    I like the yellow ribbon and i have also seen some coloured leashes...bit like the red ribbon in the kicking horse's tail
    Pets are forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mdm View Post
    Good day. This is not a gripe, or complaint, it is just a general enquiry .
    We own a dog. She is registered, well trained, well kept, in fact she eats better than I do, and is much loved.
    About 2 weeks ago she was attacked by another dog, requiring 2 operations and a permanent scar on her face. Thankfully it has not changed her nature. Reading article after article on an increase in dog attacks, noticing an increase in ownership, and a mass increase in people not obeying council rules has brought me to lead many a discussion in the barbershop I work in.
    Why is it not mandatory to take your dog to dog training? And how come just anybody can get a dog? Surely if the idea of applying for a licence to own a dog by passing a test and making you a registered, responsible owner would cut down on
    a: dogs purchased on impulse, some of which end up in shelters,
    B: owners incorrectly handling their pets causing injury to people or other dogs
    C: less leg work for the council trying to re-home unwanted dogs

    There could be many benefits from having to apply to own a dog before getting one. Correctly trained owners are a big step. The dog that attacked mine was adopted from the RSPCA and was incorrectly handled.
    There are many more ideas that this can lead to and a mass of problems it could solve. Also more fines for back yard breeders and owners who are not registered breeders who do not have their dogs/cats fixed. It would slowly start to decrease the number of animals having to be euthanised. If people want to own more than one dog, why can't there be an idea in place that maybe a form of discount on training and registering could come into play if the second animal is a rescued animal to encourage more people to help other dogs, or cats if that is your preference.
    If you have to have a special permit to own a lizard or a turtle, why don't you need one for what is potentially a large animal with muscles and teeth that could be unpredictable if raised wrong. Any thoughts on this idea would be appreciated.
    Special permits for lizards, turtles and/or DOGs.....

    How about the same for people wanting to start a family!?!? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mdm View Post
    And the point of the breeding, unless you intend to breed and continue the line of the dog, there is no reason whatsoever to keep an intact dog. At all. It lowers aggression in males, it prevents unwanted pups, and I have never seen a need for a family pet to be able to reproduce.
    This is why we should not have more rules. As this is a subjective opinion not based on facts. But freely / readily given. Exactly how many entire dogs have you owned? Are you speaking from lived experience?
    I dont desex my boys- because there ARE developmental mile stones that you require hormones for. Which only arrive around 18 months to 2.5 yrs in larger breeds.
    Why want a dog if its had its full character stunted?
    No good to me.

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