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Thread: Seeking data on impact of lower license fee for neutered dogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Flibble View Post
    Thank you all for the info.

    I hadn't considered incentivised desexing as a system to reduce animal agression, but, given the comments here it appears perhaps to have been the main reason for its introduction in Australia.

    As Beloz correctly guessed, I was looking for a link between unwanted pups and incentivised desexing.
    My understanding is that it was introduced as an attempt at reducing the number of unwanted animals being put to sleep each year, and then to sell the idea to owners, they have focused on the behavioural changes exhibited by desexed animals. I think they may have even been hoping it would lead to more people registering their dogs, by making them feel there was a cheaper option.

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    I wonder what the outcome was of the research? what did Mr Fibble find out?

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