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Thread: Beijing has gone crazy!

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    Even if that WAS the case, that's not an excuse to do it. Meat is tasty anyway - without all that bull about it making them more 'tender'. They claimed beating them made it more tender too, whereas that's actually false - it releases adrenalin which causes the muscles to tense up (in a fight or flight) scenario, thus making it tougher.

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    Some information on Beijing for you:

    Beijing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Pets in Beijing - AngloINFO Beijing, in Beijing (China)

    From what I have read, it would appear that the law has always been there about size of dogs that are allowed in the city centre. It just has not been enforced - until recently. Sounds to be a common problem wherever you live !

    If you live further out - then you are able to own larger dogs.

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