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Thread: Cop scum murder another dog !!

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    Fair call Striker....well said too......i do tend fly off the handle when i comes to cops shooting dogs. I feel its justified though. I'm sure there has to be good cops out there....i've even met one. But the amount of plain dumb ass cops i've dealt with in the last few years far outways the good ones. It seems like the 'old school' attitude the earnt cops respect with the community...even the crims has long gone and is now replaced by pimple faced kids with a license to shoot and a piece of paper that says they went to cop school.

    I fear things are going to get worse....not better. Bring back the old school copper. Phone book bashings and all....

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    Ive been using the cops a lot lately. We've had a spout of iced up psychotic pacific islanders in. And one of my team got stabbed. The cops have been there beside me on at least 8 occasions, in the past 2 weeks. Talk downs, de-escalation, restraint, we've been side by side, pinning folks down. They have tazers. They have guns. They never used anything but professionalism and skill. Very sensitive police men.
    So no, they are not all bad, by far. Im probably alive tonight, because of them.

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    I agree. The police are there. We need them. But you talk of "talk downs etc" . Dogs are an important part of many people's lives and indeed society, going back 3-5000 years. I hate to say it but it's a culture. DAMN!

    Why can't the law enforcement people understand that
    (1) dogs are intelligent animals that can be dealt with
    (2) It is not good for image to just shoot dogs, especially if the dog is subdued....sorry....secured
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