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Thread: The Project - BSL Laws

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    anyone who didn't see it and wants to it is available online The Project - Video

    If that link doesn't work, just surf your way around their site and you'll find it easy enough

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    hmm, I'm a big believer in its not the breed, its how a dog is raised that causes the problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post

    This just came through on my facebook news feed, on the Dogs on Trial DOT Victoria page (


    Seriously, have a look at the pictures of that dog, if that's a pitbull, i'm santa claus. Seems they're just out to kill dogs, regardless even of breed. I can only hope the owners have the funds/support to take whatever legal action required to fight this
    For anyone interested, this dog's case goes before the supreme court on march 5th. I can't believe VCAT upheld the councils declaration, what a joke!

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    There is apparently a story on channel 7 news in Melbourne tomorrow night on dangerous dogs. I'll try and find a link for our less fortunate members who don't live in Melbourne(lol) so they can view it online after the story has run

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    Well watched it - was not very impressed - classed it as very lazy reporting - then looked at the FB site - 'From Dogs on Trial DOT Victoria' - and saw this comment - which I have copied and pasted to be viewed here:

    " Channel 7

    Well, that's two and a half minutes our life wasted that we will never get back!

    Firstly one thing we would like to raise about this is the fact that Channel 7 have used file footage in that segment. Sadly, I know that 2 of those dogs are no longer alive. One died after it was returned to its owner, from damage that was done to that dog while it was under the care of Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne. Disgusting!

    The other lovely dog sitting on the dog bed with his lead in his mouth, and later on the treadmill died as an elderly dog in his home. I know for a fact the owner, who is one of us, was very distressed that footage of their dog Buster has been used in such a way, in a segment that is basically for BSL. Those fools wouldn't even know the dogs name. The footage of that dog was given in good faith, years ago, and now is used against the breed. Channel 7 should not be using it, and obviously lack any decency in doing so. It is legal for them to use it, but you would think they might try checking with the owner first.

    Very inaccurate and false information. Why don't Channel 7 contact us for some real statistics and honesty?

    For a start, the comment CARDINIA have never seized a Restricted Breed dog. REALLY! Where do they think Rocket comes from? Who seized him, and who declared him to be a restricted breed? They still have him for god sake!
    And once again, we have Dangerous Dogs mixed up with Restricted Breeds. I think this is done deliberately, because nobody could be that ignorant. Either that or they need new researchers at Channel 7, because they are two separate parts of the legislation.

    I will later tonight list the true statistics on which councils have seized and declared Restricted Breed dogs.

    None of the figures added up in that segment. I think it was a big waste of time, and just another chance to jump on the bandwagon of "bash the dog" and sensationalist journalism. Very disappointed. Just more lies really...

    And MR WALSH, if someone had a lethal weapon in their backyard, it was probably their own fault! And I also doubt that anyone with a lethal weapon would hand it in, that is why they bring up the dogs to be like this, because they want a lethal weapon! Isn't it about time you started blaming the owners instead of the dogs where dangerous dogs are concerned?"

    It is a real shame that main stream media are only interested in 'sound bites' that will attract people to their particular medium and not the truth !

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    Hi Riley,

    I posted the link here before i watched it(was down the beach with Brock!). I agree the story was pathetic and I pretty much agree with the DOT vic comments, although i'd like to know more about how the dog died due to treatment at the lost dogs home - if that's true, well i guess we need the full story to really say anymore.

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