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    I posted a comment but won't hold my breath.

    Pit bull crackdown lacks bite, says mayor ;

    Pit bull crackdown lacks bite, says mayor |

    The statement under the heading picture ; Christina Moyle, who suffered horrific injuries in a pit bull attack, with her husband Wayne. Picture: Kylie Else. Source: Herald Sun

    THE mayor of one of Victoria's prime pit bull zones says a crackdown on the breed is failing.

    Impounded high-risk dogs were being sent back to their owners, Cr Geoff Porter, of Hume City Council, said.

    Many of the animals seized became the subject of VCAT challenges by owners who were bent on keeping them alive.

    Cr Porter said some of the challenges were succeeding.

    He said he expected to face intimidation from owners of dangerous dogs for calling on the Government to tidy up the laws.

    It has also been claimed:

    COUNCIL staff are regularly threatened by owners of banned breeds.

    EXPERT witnesses are too intimidated to testify on behalf of councils.

    POLICE escort rangers to every confiscation because of fears for the safety of staff.

    SOCIAL media has been used to menace council staff involved in confiscations.

    Cr Porter said councils had to meet too many criteria to defend its confiscation of animals at VCAT, leading to technicalities that could see potentially dangerous dogs released.

    "It's very frustrating for our officers," Cr Porter said.

    "I think any sensible person would agree that if it looks like pit bull and it barks like a pit bull, then it probably is one."

    The State Government introduced legislation in September last year empowering councils to seize and destroy unregistered restricted breed dogs following the fatal mauling of four-year-old Ayen Chol at St Albans.

    The minister responsible for the legislation, Peter Walsh, said current laws clearly defined which dogs were illegal.

    "The Government's tougher laws ... have forced owners of dangerous dogs or restricted breed dogs to control these animals appropriately or face severe penalties, including hefty fines and jail terms up to 10 years," Mr Walsh said.

    "The Department of Primary Industries has worked with councils to provide information on identification of restricted breed dogs and compliance with the new laws.

    "This has included providing a Standard for Restricted Breed Dogs in Victoria to help council officers accurately describe and declare restricted breed dogs."

    Cr Porter said Hume City Council had spent $100,000 paying legal fees related to dog confiscations this year and housing the animals.

    Pit bull ordeal lingers

    CHRISTINA Moyle received 100 stitches and suffered disrupted sleep every night since she was attacked by what was thought to be a pit bull cross in September.

    Adding to the Sunbury woman's dismay is the fact the dog that mauled her is still alive.

    Its owners are fighting through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to save the canine.

    Mrs Moyle and her husband, Wayne, were visiting friends who owned the dog when it pounced without warning.

    The animal locked on to her face, causing horrific injuries.

    "It has been terrible for me," she said.

    Mrs Moyle has returned to work but has trouble sleeping and remains fearful of dogs.

    Mr Moyle said he could not believe the dog was not put down immediately after the incident.

    "If a dog bites someone, it has to be killed," he said.

    Mr Moyle said the impact on his wife had been severe and she was now reluctant to go out socially.

    The owners of the dog had not been in touch since the attack, Mr Moyle said.
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    I tried to see the comments but they wouldn't show up. That guy is off his head

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I know, utterly pathetic. Such a blatant idiot
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    If it barks like a pitbull ????????

    WTF !!!!!

    Someone needs a few uppercuts....from me and themselves !!

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    "I think any sensible person would agree that if it looks like pit bull and it barks like a pit bull, then it probably is one."
    Why does he say this.

    It's like saying if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's a Pterodactyl.

    If the dog hasn't been allowed to roam, and hasn't tried to attack anyone - then why should it be PTS just because it looks like a boxer x labrador?

    I can understand the owners getting very upset when the council rangers come to take away a member of their family that hasn't done anything wrong. Well most of them would get upset even if it had done something wrong.

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    And as usual it falls to the rescue organizations to clean up the beaurocrats' mess...

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