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Thread: Supreme court win for dog owner

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    When will they learn ?

    More laws coming for Victoria:

    No Cookies | Herald Sun

    If they can't/won’t police/control the laws they already have – why do they think that new laws are going to solve the problems ?

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    Maybe a bit of sanity from Qantas ?

    No Cookies | The Courier-Mail

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    If people are looking for a way to help - this may be it:

    DOT/ForDogsSakeAustralia Bill Bruce Fund by Carol Lee - GoFundMe

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    Bill Bruce is coming to Australia:

    Bill Bruce is coming to Australia | Barristers Animal Welfare Panel

    Let’s hope the people that need to listen – do !

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    Now - NSW Government can hang their heads in shame.

    R.I.P. Bonnie and Run Free - where it doesn't matter what you look like !

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