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Thread: OMG my next door neighbor has bought a red nosed pit bull!!!!

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    Wow...i havnt seen much of C.M 's stuff. What i have seen i was kinda impressed by....but....if i was that bloke standing there watching him do that.....the quick little right jab he gave that dog would have earnt him a kick in the head by me. Any respect i had for him just went out the window.

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    i think most of her "calm submissive" signals were "I'm really stressed and upset, leave me alone" signals.

    He didn't get much warning when she switched, but when he reached towards her - the warning was immediate, and if he'd slowed down or waited or slowly moved back - he might not have been bitten, but he wasn't paying attention. Why he'd not pay attention to a dog that was clearly willing to defend itself with teeth... I don't know.

    I'd have to agree with V&F - that the dog had essentially been trained to react that way.

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    Personally i find watching CM's clips fascinating. I really don't see all that much wrong with his methods, he's not beating a dog, he gives them a light touch to get their attention. And i don't think many people can argue with his results

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    Here's the one i just finished watching

    Oh and thanks hyacinth for the first CS link, you've cost me at least 4 hours now hahahaha

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    There are lots of successful ways to train a dog. Rather like there are many ways to provide psychological therapy (my day job). Doesn't mean I have to like all of them, does mean that one needs to accept that different methods will be more successful depending on circumstances. If one's preferred (or only competent) method is contraindicated or considered of lesser efficiency, then one needs to have the ability to realize that and refer on.

    This doesn't, of course, mean that all methods are necessarily best practice, either. The scientific community educates us year by year on what we are doing/ how it works/ how best to maximize the impact. If I use a psychology example- most practitioners these days understand the efficiency of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression- but maybe it would suprise you to know that an acceptable treatment for Depression (in the right circumstances) is STILL Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT or electric shock therapy). It cannot be denied that it is necessary and works- in some cases.

    So would I use CM's methods- No. I Do not work with the same population of dogs CM does, either. Do I prefer to use rewards based training? Yes. I think you can still stuff a dog using positive methods, but overall it is harder to accomplish and is probably less damaging for you General Public Joe. Can I see a rationale for P+, P-, R-? Yes. It's the same as being able to recognise when a client might benefit from ECT and being prepared to refer them on.

    In the first clip with Holly, I think CM's greatest mistake is not taking notice, as Hyac said. I think this is his responsibility in this scenario and he let Holly down and the outcome (if you could call it that) was significantly worse/ less efficient due to his lapse in attention. That's not good for the trainer, the dog, the family, the community......

    Hope this post is making sense. It's early morning, I might be rambling.

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    I should have explained that my neighbors ARE NOT DOG PEOPLE AND NEVER HAVE BEEN intact they are scared of dogs. The only reason why they have bought a dog is because their son is moderately comfortable with them, it's his dog. They don't know how to old the puppy let alone what too feed it. Does anyone think they can train this dog accordingly? It's unsafe for them and anyone else that dog comes into contact with without the training, also the dog itself if his owners fail him.

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    I'm sorry my iPad has corrected my post "incorrectly" but with patience I'm hoping some of you can read it hahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbk1776 View Post
    OMG what a stupid Thread (sorry but that's how I feel) SO WHAT THEY BOUGHT A RED NOSE Pitty!!! - I have to agree, why you so panicky? are you certain that the owners or your neighbours are irresponsible or do you even know them? C'Mon be real .....I'm from Sydney I currently have 2 Amstaffs but since I do not have papers they are considered pit bulls - but in contrary I am a responsible OWNER and do what is good for Us, our dogs and for community, why? because of people stereotyping the breed like you.
    Like I posted later in this thread I seemed ignorant but this is not so. I should have explained myself. The reason they got this dog hasn't anything to do with owning a loving dog. He bought it as a status symbol he doesn't know how to hold the dog it's not microchipped still at 13weeks hasn't seen a vet to have its vaccinations they said they won't be taking it to a vet either. They are the ones ignorant and don't understand how powerful this breed can be compared to my dogs. They don't know how to hold the dogs nor know what to feed it. They seem at tentative to what I tell them they can do to help train him but I doubt they will follow through. They have had puppies in the past but they either have gotten stolen or they got rid of it once I told them how big that puppy will get.

    They won't even hold onto my own dogs lead with my gorgeous obedient kelpie on the other end. Once my dogs moves just to stand they let go of the lead and run the other way.

    I have a duty of care to this dog, I read up on the legislation which has changed and has become very expensive and difficult to own a dog like this to to mention the people who have breed and sold the dog could get a 2yr goal sentence and a whopping 50,000 dollar fine......

    I think I should do something. It's not fair on this dog.

    If they screw it up it's the dogs life not theirs.
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    Once again sorry for my iPad spelling my words out for me :/ gahhh

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    So they should not own any dog. And I do agree that it is then worse when it's a big and powerful breed because it could pose a danger to other dogs and people.

    The problem with the BSL is that if you do report them as violating this legislation, the dog will be put down. This is such a classic case of people getting away with doing the wrong thing and the dogs suffering for it. These people should've been blacklisted and forbidden from getting any dog ages ago by the sound of it. This is where licensing owners could really make a difference. If they got caught with a dog and without a licence, their dog could be rehomed (unless it cannot be rehabilitated) and they could also fine the breeder for selling a dog to someone without a licence. THAT would be fair.

    To have a law that would have this pup killed because their owners are total morons just makes me feel like crying.

    So I don't know what to suggest you do about it in this situation. Is it better to have the dog PTS before they eff it up? Could you persuade them to rehome it now by threatening to dob them in? It's a tough one...

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