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Thread: council laws - anyone ignore them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    I have a Breeder and kennel license .....problem solved And we did a similar thing to Crested, except our neighbours are too far away and the foxes make more noise. Peacocks are worse LOL
    my mum has the same thing with the cats good god im not the olny one who gots neighbours with 2 peacocks is so anoying worse than a rooster jezz 5am barrrwar barrr warr barrr war its so loud it make you jump out of bed
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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    my old neighbour (Victoria), had 4 bloomin yappy chiwowas, not sure how to spell that, and not something meritous of looking up either.

    He complained to the council that my rottweiler looked into his garden. council warden came around to mine, i put the chair up against the fence for him to look at the 4 dogs next door, which barked throughout his visit. he came back and asked if he could take another look over the fence about a week later, still 4 dogs.
    Neighbour was forced to rehome 2.

    And both me and the ranger agreed, that neither of us knew how to train a dog, NOT to look into a neighbours garden. so neighbours complaint bit him in the arse.
    This neighbour is a moron and their are many more like this, I wonder if the council ranger would have come out at all if you didn't have a Rottie.
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