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Thread: Proposed new Queensland breeding laws

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    Default Proposed new Queensland breeding laws

    Its a massive read and appears to me to not go far enough. They still allow breeders to have up to 20 breeding dogs and their appears to be to many"outs"as far as registration with the RSPCA and compliance for some goes.

    I dont think they are addressing all the issues of large scale breeding and small scale irresponsible breeding,
    I will have to read it again when I have a clear head, but that is my initial thoughts - it dosent go far enough.

    Be interested if anyone can pick out the main points and clarify them.


    I found this blog post from dogs queensland to members which I thought was an interesting one in reponse to the proposed new breeding laws.....

    >>>> The other issue is one of litter registrations and the number of puppies being bred by some of our members. It may come as a surprise to many of our responsible member breeders to realise just how many litters are being registered by a small percentage of our members. Whilst these breeders are not breaking any specific Dogs Queensland rule, it does raise serious questions about their compliance with our Code of Ethics – in particular Clause 2 e which states: I agree not to breed from a bitch or a dog in a way that is detrimental to the dog or the bitch or to the breed. I further acknowledge that I shall breed only with the intent of maintaining and/or improving the standard of the breed and welfare, health and soundness of my dogs and I shall strive to eliminate hereditary diseases within my dogs and from within the breeds.

    Despite the best efforts of Dogs Queensland, it is unlikely that some of these breeders can avoid being caught up in any future Queensland Government Puppy Farm strategy. It may be a good time for these breeders to consider their breeding strategies and be mindful that compliance with State Government imposed regulations may be inevitable<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<.

    They know about these members who's breeding practices raise serious questions, yet they are still members? They choose to just warn them against being caught unaware by the new regs?
    How ethical is this?
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    Cav, it just makes me sad.
    There is one reason for deliberately breeding puppies. M o n e y.
    They can squawk all they want about "bettering the breed" etc. Phooey!

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