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    Great news. Pups are looking nice and fat and content, and laying together just the way you want to see them showing that temperature in the box is good. Here's to a hassle free time from here on out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ness 1 View Post
    Thanks for the feed back, I really think she wants them but just all confused as to what is going on. To get her to go to the toilet we have to put a lead on her and coax her out and when she is finished she goes running straight back to the back door to go back in with them. I changed her bedding before as it was wet and she started to dig it up I think looking for the old smells so we put back one of the blankets and she settled down again. We are beside ourselves with worry over this and just want Zoe and her pups to be OK
    ok ness my mum was a staffie breeder and we let it happen the natural way i was there with my two girls who have gone to heven and stayed in the room with then all nigth staffie give birth on there own first of for our dogs first litter was at 3 years of age thats is when our dog s were more atease with birth at we only had to cheekon them once a day 2 the diging part is she is trying to bild a nest and when you go and chage it leve the old blanket on top because it has the sent of her and the puppies on it now if any of you think my avice is worng it not my foult it just i was 12 when my mum was breeding staffies and back then i did know any beter but ness if you have any more troble and it more worrs i still keep in touch with the breeder who gave us our dogs and i can email her if you need me to and i hope this avice is helpfull
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
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