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Thread: Poodle Stud Required

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    And since the Op hasnt said anything we're just kinda waiting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    Not trying to be a mod LOL

    Whats wrong with going slightly off topic anyway??? Isnt that the beauty of forums....that you have conversations that sometimes go off on a tangent, then come back to the topic, then go off on another tangent?

    No one is arguing or being bitchy...
    I know, but the OP is just enquiring about stud dogs not on how much crap Xbreeders get VS Pure Bred Breeders get.

    Maybe i'm just grumpy today, got in at 5am from driving up from Amberley and had work at 8! No sleep for me haha!

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    I try not to make assumptions.

    The OP has answered questions about whether their dog is limited or main, and volunteered that it has been tested clear for one of the major poodle problems PRA.

    Which suggests a good start on the path of "responsible breeder" to me. And if they join up with their local ANKC affiliate - they're going to get the code of ethics, which includes stuff like only breed for the improvement of the breed and to meet demand. And given the dog is on main register - at least its own breeder thinks it's a good example of its breed.

    And when the stuff about thou shalt only breed thy ANKC registered dog with other ANKC registered dog is made clear - then hopefully - more information on "responsible breeding" will provided.

    But just in case this person doesn't know that breeding can be messy and risky for the bitch....
    There's this stuff.
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    So you want to be a breeder?


    That should keep any potential breeder busy for a while.

    So the reason that "cross bred" or "backyard" wanna be breeders get more bollocking - is they usually haven't put any thought into the process besides - "can I get a mate for my dog". This person in about three posts - indicates that they are on the right track.

    If Lala wants to discuss bias - a new thread might have been more appropriate - ie she may have turned off the opening poster from coming back.
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