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    Hi all. My name is daniel knight and i own a 4 year old working line German Shepherd (no papers). It looks like that due to some behaviourial issues, i am needing to get him desexed.

    In order to preserve the line of this absolutley magnificant dog, I would like to breed him before doing so. All i want is 2 pups one for my parents and one for me. If you are interested I can do 2 litters if required. Please feel free to email me for pictures.

    I am new to online forums and not 100% sure how they all work.


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    Why would you want to breed a dog that has behavioural issues? Isn't that just perpetuating the problem?

    In this forum and others, we're not happy about "back yard breeders" who don't get their dogs tested for genetic problems before breeding, and who want to breed dogs that are aggressive or have other temperment problems.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

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    Also, desexing your dog will NOT fix his behavioural issues. It may make him less inclined to act dominant or mark everything when you take him for walks, but taking some testosterone out of his system doesn't take away things that only good training can. I suggest you get in touch with a reputable trainer in your area to get on top of the problem.

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    One of the most important breed standards for a GSD is good temperament .........That would be a good reason to get him desexed and not Breed him.

    Desexing will not fix any problems, but will help with a good training program
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    If he has behavioral problems there's a chance the pups will as well.

    And when you want to preseve the line yet again and breed the pup, you get the problem a third time... you have to think about the other potential pup owners as well, you might be able to handle a dog and a puppy with behavioral problems but others may not.

    Forget breeding and just desex. If you want another puppy buy one from a reputable breeder who breeds for good temperaments... don't give yourself a bad name by breeding bad dogs.

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    Honestly mate its not worth the hassle or breeding it. As everyone has said desexing won't solve the problem but good, solid training will. What sort of behavioral problems does the dog have?

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