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Thread: Price of Puppies for Aussie Bulldogs

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    same with my breeder.... he has said no matter what to call him first, even if its 2am xmas morning...... really instilled a heap of confidence in me.
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    I want to say thank you very much to everyone for your help! All of the different views and opinions help massively. I know that bulldogs can have great difficulty giving birth which is why Eevies vet has agreed to be on 24 availability for her through hr birth and is only 5 minutes from me. He knows my dogs very well. Eevie will be desexed and I think Rockarock should also be as he is now 2 and is teaching the stage of being protective at the beach of me and Eevie so it may cool him down in that area a little but hes a ohhh boy, wil makes my heart sore every time I look at him, Eevie too. I have printed off information in regarded to the health issues that can arise with owning an Aus bulldog for people to read through before they make a decision as I did this prior to buying them and knew they need special attention to alot of areas other dogs seem to not be effected by. I lok agree, people should not buy a dog because they have some spare money buy need yo understand each and every cost involved. I have pet insurance and spend alot on my dogs to ensure good diet, health and ensure they are always thoroughly loved. They are my babies. Thanos again everyone!

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    No but the purchase price of a dog is the cheapest part. If you can't afford the purchase price how will you afford the upkeep.

    These are a breed that will attract people because they are different. So instead of attracting a person who has researched the breed (as much as you can with this type of dog) you will possibly attract those that are interested in it being different for all the wrong reasons.

    I've been breeding dogs for years and from experience heavily discounting a dog, any dog, isn't in it's best interest.
    I am feeding two dogs with fresh food/meat.
    I am doing VET checks, when needed.
    I go to the VET, when the shoulder is hurt, and pay for an emergency visit.
    They get their shots.
    I use wormers, spot on; they have crates for safety in the car, they have toys, I train with treats.
    I take them to a good kennel when needed.
    I bought clippers to do their coats and different utensils
    They are registered with council
    We rebuilt fences.
    We make a new fenced area.
    We took them to dog training.
    We drive to a dog beach once a month.
    Two small carpets so they can move through the house better and not slide on the timber floor.

    That all amounts to a fair bit of money... and that is only for the basic stuff.

    The journeys to pick up the dogs (800km roundtrip with four nights accomodation).... I am sure there is more
    It is a hobby
    A costly hobby
    And- the initial cost was between 800 and 1000 dollar per dog. Breeders are so critical in the process of helping to keep a breed healthy.... My dogs are fit and healthy and strong. Worth the money. And you got to have a breeder who socialises their puppies, feeds them well and TALKS with you.
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