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    Hello all.

    Im totally ignorant to breeding of dogs and would like to know a few things.

    I have a German Shepherd pedigree, he is now 10 months old with certificate.

    Ive done some reading but there is an overload of information which is just making my head spin.

    Im interested in letting him breed with some bitches but im also considering having him de-sexed.

    Im just trying to weigh up the pros and cons of this. How do i go about advertising this to anyone else interested and what are my obligations?


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    Best place to get info is your Breeder if they are a responsible breeder. And use your breeder as a Mentor.
    I am sure some others will post great web sites about breeder responsibility. I am a firm believer in DNA testing, health checks and orhto checks, before i would ever consider breeding my dogs. And I would also get the other dog (bitches in your case) tested. Breeding has a lot of responsibility.
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    My breeder did it as more of a hobby than anything else and im not overly confident in him. TJ is a gorgeous dog, gets along very well with my Golden Retriever.

    The bloke i got TJ from asked if he could call me after a year and see how things were going. I said yeah no probs so hopefully ill hear from him...

    The sad thing about this one is that his brothers ear was bitten off by his mother when he was less than 5 weeks old. He was subsequently put down because he didnt think he would sell him. Im very saddened by this and when my partner said we would have bought him the breeder said he would have given him away for free. Apparently the vet supported this so maybe there was more to it but he didnt elaborate.

    Im more interested in South Australian and Adelaide information more than anything...

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    Adelaide has a German Shepherd Club at West Beach - you might want to go there and talk to those people. They will probably be able to assess your puppy and give you feedback on his potential and teach you how to show him - ie you could enter some conformation shows to get some expert feedback on his build and potential for breeding.

    And if all that goes good - you can get all the genetic tests done to make sure his hips are suitable and what other genetic markers he might have that you would want to avoid matching up in any bitch he gets mated with.

    Disorders by Breed - German shepherd dog - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney
    (note above is largely based on USA data - and doesn't give the various likelihoods of genetic problems showing up - just that they exist).

    And hopefully through the club you would find someone with a suitable bitch (for which you would also want to know the genetic information) who likes your dog.

    10 months is a little young for breeding but not too young for showing.

    You may need to join SACA (DogsSA) also
    Dogs SA :: Official Website

    GSD club of SA

    And you want to be aware of this.
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    reason to desex -
    may be easier to manage (less wandering, marking and humping - but there may still be some).
    won't get testicular cancer
    needs less food

    with a big dog - if you want to do any dog sports - there is some research to suggest it's better to wait to desex until the dog is around 18 months old.

    National Desexing Network | Benefits of Desexing

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    In addition to Hyacinths info the minimum age you can accurately do hip scores is 2 years, so he has another 14 months before he should be bred from yet anyway

    Advertising isn't something that is normally done with stud dogs. What usually happens is you show the dog in conformation, or tracking/agility etc and then if he does well then people approach YOU to use your dog at stud.
    There is also Dogzonline which has profiles of dogs, what they have won, their pedigree and whether they are available at stud, which is used by a lot of top breeders and kennels around the country.

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    Thanks for the info...
    Im not planning on breeding just now but i want to make a decision in the next few months about de-sexing him so wanted a head start on it.


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    Frankly, and ideally, I would not be desexing until at least 2-3 years old anyway, providing I knew that I could adequately contain the dog at all times.

    Nothing else to add really, but being a responaible owner who doesn't want to allow his dog to breed whenever he wants adequate control/containment wouldn't be an issue

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    When it comes to desexing, Im a only if you have to kind of person. Your boy is only very young and would benefit waiting a few more months before being desexed.

    Breeding, Im not educated on that, But I would say that 2 years old would be the youngest I would breed. Male or Female!!

    In saying all that basicallY have plenty of time up your sleeve with your pup before you have to worry about that stuff.

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    Showing your boy is a good idea and doing all the relevant health testing related to your breed. I assume he is on the Main Register?

    The thing to think about breeding is that you want to contribute positively to the gene pool of your breed. You want you dog to be a very good specimen of his breed and pass on all his positive characteristics. It involves the analysis of both the dog and the bitch for which the mating is planned to see if they both compliment each other in terms of structure, movement, overall conformation and temperament. If both dogs have weak hind ends and are both oversized, you wouldn't consider putting them together as they will just produce pups with the same problem.

    You want to be breeding with the aim of producing dogs as close to the standard of the breed as possible. If you starting breeding every Tom, Joe and Harry, the number of quality specimen will decrease and allowing certain 'faults' in appearance to 'pass' then they will no longer look like what they are supposed to. Breeding is about preservation of the breed and passing on positive characteristics to continue the existence of high quality dogs.

    You need to become registered with your canine body (i.e. DogsNSW) and obtain a prefix.

    I would recommend going to dog shows and talking to some of the exhibitors about the breed to help you learn more.

    Dog breeding is not something you should enter just because you have an entire male. There are so many dogs needing homes already and people buying pets who potentially have a lot of health problems throughout their lifetime as the health testing of both parents was not completed.

    To get started and do all the relevent testing to be considered a responsible breeder, will be expensive.

    Most ethical breeders start in the show world first and then naturally progress to breeding. You really need to know your breed inside and out. Everything about temperament, breed history, conformation, health......pretty much EVERYTHING!

    I would recommend getting your boy desexed when he is fully mature.

    Hyacinth and Crested Love have made some good points you should carefully consider.

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