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Thread: I Want to Stud Out Mini Poodle - Help

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    Default I Want to Stud Out Mini Poodle - Help

    Hi Guys,

    Its been a while since I have been on here, and shame on me. But I bumped into a lovely lady at the dog park today who inspired me to get back on the band wagon of breeding our Apricot mini poodle.

    See my problem is, he is a pedigree. I always thought of breeding with another pedigree to keep his lines clean as I have always been against pet shop pups and worry about the possibilities of producing pups with unnecessary health issues.
    But since talking to the lady today, she told me cross breeds are more in demand than pure bred dogs. And I have started on the line of registering him and going through pedigree lines but the club is very tight in W.A and our breeder she said most pure bred breeders keep to themself.

    SO, do I let him breed with a cross breed, non pedigree. Or stick to my guns, register him and only breed pedigree?

    If I go down the line of doing it myself where do I place an add (If thats what it's called) to let people know he is available, and how much do we charge for his duties?

    I know he will produce amazing pup's and I want to share his beauty with others. He is an amazing dog, very well rounded with a great personality. I just need help going in the right direction.

    Thanks for your interest in my post.
    Thanks for helping out.


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    imo, your goal as a breeder shouldn't be to sell them (as with what are in "demand"). If your dog is registered and you're set on breeding to improve the breed, then you should do the right thing and use only purebred dogs.

    The lady at the dog park sounds like she's clueless or only in it for the money =)

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    If you let him breed with a non pedigree you may have trouble with ANKC later, as they have a code of ethics stating you do not do this.

    You have no clue if your dog and this lady in the park's dogs are genetically compatible or that you won't be creating a litter of crippled puppies.

    If you do want to breed you should be getting together with other members of your breed club and maybe showing your dog so that you know whether he's a suitable representative of his breed for making puppies, and to get a feel for who wants puppies.

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    Thanks for your replies guys, You have reinforced what I have been thinking. I best get my butt down to the local poodle society and make friends with the group.

    I have always had in my gut the feeling of helplessness, do I want to bring more puppies into this world when there are so many out there struggling and in need of good homes. Or on the other side of my gut feeling is to bring awareness to pet shop dogs and stamp out unecessary health issues in dogs. - on that note, a friend bought her poodle cross something, from a pet store. They have always wondered why their vet bill is massive with many trips to the vet for stomach problems, when our little guy hasnt been in the vet once other than for a checkup.

    Back on the subject, Producing cross breeds like Cavoodles, labradoodles are they more designer dogs which arent pedigree?
    I have never wanted to go that way because we love the poodle for what they are, not their cross breed. But if it was something I should look into, then I would.
    I know JC has the silver gene and it would be amazing to produce pups with that line of colouring and breeding with a poodle is the way to get that through.

    Were not in it for making money as our main reason for keeping him pure was because my partner, like all men, cant bring themselves to think what it would be like to loose their matching pair so they think a dog would hate it too. So we let JC keep his man hood with the possibility of breeding him. 2 years later and I am still deciding. I can say that JC doesnt act the way all the articles tell you they do. If JC pines for a girl (Which he has done twice) I can always grab his attention back with a tennis ball. He is certainly interested but has never acted the way I had always read and dreaded. Maybe this will change once we let him sire a litter? I will have to wait and see.

    Is anyone from W.A and know of the poodle society?

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    What do you mean by getting him registered?
    Pedigree dogs are registered at birth, it's not something you can do later in the dogs life.
    Are you prepared to have the necessary testing done? (hip and elbow scores and PRA)

    If he is main registered with the ANKC and an excellent example of the breed then get in touch with these people: POODLES IN AUSTRALIA - Poodle Clubs in Australia
    The contact details for the Poodle Society of Western Australia are on that page.

    If he is not registered then I am afraid they probably won't be much help, breed clubs are all about preserving and bettering the breed, and yes, that includes having a registered dog with a 5 gen pedigree.

    And please... PLEASE do not ruin a perfectly good pure breed by creating designer dogs.
    There is no such thing as a Schnoodle or a Cavoodle or any of those rubbish names, they are made up by money hungry puppy mills.
    Poodles are a perfectly good breed in their own right, there is absolutely NO reason to go messing them up.

    Sorry, I have also have Miniatures and my mother used to breed them, Poodles and the "oodles" they create, are a subject close to my heart.

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    I appreciate your feedback, Crested Love.
    I didnt mean registered as in birth pedigree, he is already that. I meant register him with a poodle club and register to be a breeder, or him as a stud dog.

    I will contact the poodle club in W.A and see what I need to do. I would love to put JC into Agility, I think he would have fun with that. Socialise and run around.

    Just one more question, JC is more a teddy bear cut pup he has never had a shaved snout or poodle clip. Does this matter to a club?

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    Ahh ok I misunderstood, yes if he is registered then the Poodle Club will most definitely help you out.

    The clip doesn't matter at all, although they would probably prefer he be shown as long as he's a good example of the breed and healthy that's all that matters.

    Definitely look into agility too, it is a lot of fun and Poodles are usually very good at it.
    I have never done agility in competitions but we have a go at it from home and the dogs really enjoy it.
    Here's a short video of one of mine just going over some platforms, she went from never seeing them before to bounding over them in less than an hour.

    YouTube - ‪Basic Agility Training with Poodle‬‏

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    I have a miniature black female pedigreed poodle who has just started her season and I would be interest in using your dog, is he still available

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    Jimmy Choo Chews is in WA. By the time you got the health test results - I think your dog's season would be over.

    If you want to breed, I suggest you go through the Poodle club in your state.

    I also suggest you read this to see if it's really something you want to put your bitch and your wallet through.

    And this
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    And I will close this thread since it has been a long time since the OP was here eg June 2011

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