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Thread: Back to the Breeders?

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    Default Back to the Breeders?

    Just a question - I have seen a few comments after trolling through old threads about if you want to breed your papered pooch take them back to the breeder.

    I know Ruby's breeder made passing comment about it too but being she was 12 weeks old and now 12 months old, breeding wasnt and still isnt in the near future so I didnt ask about it.

    Has anyone actually done this or had this done to them as a breeder?

    Who would pay out the costs of stud, vet care etc

    Who would care for the pups and mum and who would get the money from the sale of the pups?

    I am assuming that because its been suggested a few times it must be a common thing??

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    If you are new to the breed and do not show then going back to the breeder is a definite before breeding.

    They understand how the breed works, what the good and bad points of the breed are and will assess your dog to make sure it is "worthy" before doing a mating.
    A lot of people get a dog, it is papered so they assume it must be good.
    Most breeders sell pups at 8-12 weeks of age, there is absolutely no way to know if a dog will turn out good enough quality for breeding at that age which is why a lot of people say "buy a pup and shut your eyes until it's mature".

    Stud fees vary.
    It depends on what dog you want to use. Dogs with highly sought after pedigrees, lots of imports and multiple champions in their line will cost more than a local dog with only one title.
    For example a Can/Am/Ger/Fin Ch. (insert dogs name) (import Can) that has already been proven at stud will probably cost you over $4,000 to use.
    Whereas Ch. (insert dogs name) unproven at stud might only cost you $500 - $1,000.

    You would be the one taking care of the puppies unless you want to pay the breeder to do so for you. It is your dog so it is your responsibility. The breeder is just there to guide you on what stud to use and about the process.

    If the dog is in your name then you get the money. Again, the dog is yours, you have already paid the breeder for it so unless the dog is co-owned everything is yours.

    Co-ownership is at the discretion of the breeder. Usually you can both come up with a good compromise.
    For example, I have one co-owned dog here now. The breeder is free to use him whenever she likes but instead she is sending me another co-owned dog which I will breed to him and she will get a free puppy out of it.

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