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    i am wanting a puppy and am having no luck whats so ever i have missed out on 4 litters so far that i had placed an order with, and turned out with each on there wherent enough girls.....

    so any way i am picky...... I want..... chocolate or gold female. parents MUST be hip and elbow scored, eyes and excercise induced colapse etc all must be tested for and clear.

    I have rang everywhere and either the pups have sold they arent breeding or they have not done the testing.....

    if you know of someone who has quality pups due or available PLEASE LET ME KNOW I am hoping to get my puppy by may/june so it will go through the leg biting stage while my kids are in pants for the colder weather ( yes i know you probably think i am nuts organising/ thinking like that).

    am willing to travel through out sa and vic

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    Good breeders will only breed when they want a dog for their own breeding program. ANKC code of ethics actually prohibits registered breeders from breeding only for the pet market so puppies from good breeders aren't always readily available.

    Keep trying reputable breeders, you may have to buy from outside of Victoria... the cost of flying a healthy puppy from another state far outweighs the cost of the vet bills for an unhealthy puppy from a breeder who was 'convenient'.

    There are 328 registered Lab breeders listed online... there may be a lot more than that who haven't entered their details on the database.

    Labrador Retriever Breeders, Australia

    There are 48 puppy notices on there as well
    Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale from Labrador Retriever breeders, Australia.

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    Have you contacted these people
    Labrador Retriever Club of SA Inc Website

    You need to make friends with the breeders, and while your "I want" list is good and a good idea and shows you care, the attitude might not be all that friendly or polite from the breeders point of view. Especially if you only want a pet.

    So if I was you, I'd ring up one of the contacts on the website, say you're interested in getting a puppy and had no luck so far and you'd like to get to know some of the breeders and find out more about how you get a quality lab.

    And when you do finally get your little ball of bliss, please - TRAIN IT. I hate rude pushy slobbery knee breaking labs.

    You could also ask at the Glenside Vet about lab puppies and how you might go about getting maybe a chocolate one.

    And you may need to be patient. Ie not chop and change breeders. Find one you like and then if the first litter doesn't get you what you want, wait for the next litter or that breeder to recommend you to another who is planning a litter. I would not mention you'd missed out on four litters because it might mean you're chopping and changing and you don't have the patience that a lab needs in an owner, or that you're really fussy (read PITA).

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    thanks guys
    I have rang around quiet a bit, and while I do have an i want list, that is not the first thing i have said to anyone. I have spoken to quiet a few breeders, and like i said there has either been the ones i missed out on after being on a list for the duration of the bitches pg, breeders I havent clicked with and breeders who are breeding from dogs who are not tested etc ( and they come from the dogs sa website).....
    I am happy to buy from vic ( I am in sa) or this side of nsw, but i dont want a stressed puppy either so if there is any way i can buy from closer to home that is what i would like to do. I will also not SETTLE for a puppy just to have one..... right breeder, right situation, right puppy. The way i see it is they are too much a part of your life to just settle for something just to have it... and after having been through hell with a pet shop lab and spending a freaking fortune on vet bills i am not jumping into anything. So if my high standards are putting anyone off, so be it. But so far when i asked about scores/tests etc and got speaking to the breeders all have been very happy with what I want. And I do not consider it to be just a PET, a pet to me is the chooks who i see to 3 times day not who are in my house sleeping next to my bed and spending 99% of its time with me..... Where no I may not want a show dog i do want a competitive obiedience dog and would like to be able to dabble in a few other things as well....
    I will check out the links, so far i have only been on dogs sa, lab club and dogs online....

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    Hmm, you could show up on a dry tuesday night or morning at SAODC - there's a few labs there that do obedience (and retriever) competitions and you could ask the owners get them from. Some are breeders.

    I do think high standards are good as long as you're polite about how you ask about it. "I want" used to get me nothing but a "how rude" from my parents. And most of the lab breeders I've met are of that generation.

    I agree about buying local too. It is so hard to deal with problems if the breeder is interstate.

    Again - I think you will do best if you show up to some of the lab club events or even the obedience club meets and get some face to face time with the breeders. They're much more likely to put you top of their puppy buyers list if they "know" you.

    If there are breeders who are selling unpapered or untested dogs that are listed with DogsSA - you may want to let DogsSA know about that. I'm not sure if the hip score testing is a definite requirement eg for Labs but not doing it is definitely not in the best interests of the breed - and that is what they are all about.

    You probably won't find the best dog from online research alone. Both the lab breeders I know - aren't that big on websites. They have them, but they're not that tech savvy. Ie I don't think they actually pay much attention to what goes on with the web. I tried to get one of them to agree to having an email address list for the club and she refused - gives you an idea of where they're at technically.

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