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Thread: The Father of Cleo's Puppies

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    He's a luffly doggy ♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lollen View Post
    Yeah seriously, I wouldn't put it passed them to breed siblings... if you had heard the conversations I've had with them and what they've said... If they just wanted to sell them, I doubt they'd care what sex the pups were. They made it clear they wanted two of opposite sex.

    I thought his legs looked long as well, I agree. But in a lot of the photos he's very blurred, like he's moving around a lot.
    And just by looking at photos of him, he looks very puppy like to me... could he be in his gangly puppy stage??
    I could be very wrong... but it was my first impression when I looked at the photos.

    I am going to ask them how old he is next time I am in contact with them.
    True it could be his young gangly stage & even if he has some bull arab he's alot more GSP & with mum being pure I'd say the pups will look pure.
    He is a lovely boy.
    Will thjey part with him do you think?
    Just thinking any dog in their hands is a dog too many...........
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Oh he ran away apparently! lol smart boy.

    I am glad he's not in their hands anymore, not only because they are neglectful, but because they would have rights to the "pick of the litter", or so I am told...

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    They would only have rights to pick of litter if that was what was arranged before you took the bitch. With the bitch in your name & ownership changing whilst the bitch was in pup there is no stud fee so to say say.
    But get her in your name asap.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Thats right unless they stated before they sold you the bitch they have right to pick of litter, they have no right at all. If he did state that before hand... he seems cheap and i would offer him like 100bucks or something.

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