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    Quote Originally Posted by Lollen View Post
    P.S. Newfsie.... I rescued her the the sense of saving her from a bad life. I didn't "rescue" her from a shelter. I adopted her off her previous owners directly.

    I probably confused everyone by using the words "adopt" and "rescue". Sorry about that...

    The previous owners have actually been in contact, and have had the audacity to ask for a "pup or two"! NO WAY!
    That definitely will not be happening. Not after the condition Cleo was in when she came to us.
    Be very,very careful with this. I have been through it and it ended tragiclly all round. A definate if I only knew now case...hindsight and experience...both glorious things.

    I too took on a bitch ,we did not know that she was in pup either. The previous owners cared not a hoot until about a week after the pups arrived....and then about when the pups were 21 days she turned up demanding a pup.She was told a very firm no.She left.

    She returned 30 minutes later with the local Ranger to 'seize' mum and pups.She was legally entitled to as she was still chipped in her name.
    That was my biggest mistake and I can say it was one of the hardest lessons ever learnt. The Ranger also decided that Mum was a restricted breed and took all pups and her straight to pound.

    A notice of Intent was issued to the previous owner and the bitch went home with her.
    The pups did not
    And to top it off the previous owner ignored the NOI and the bitch was also reclaimed by Council.

    Now had I know then,what I know now,those dogs would of been safe in my home and the Ranger and previous owner plus the police would of been politely told "see you in court". We had many witnesses as well as the fact it was her mother who actually brought her to us on the way to dropping her off at the pound.
    But the main thing is I should of transferred her chip into my name asap.
    And if you havnt already done so,then my advise is to do it asap.
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    What a teerible thing to happen & end as it did, very sad indeed.
    I had just always assummed she had the dogs regos &m/c details tranferred at time of taking on ownership & now I certainly hope she has.
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    Thanks Crazy, it was a horrible time and a sense of guilt will forever linger.

    I just hope as you do , that the OP has her chipped straight away.
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    Thanks, Chop... that is a horrible story and I will make sure it doesnt happen with these gorgeous pups.

    I have asked the vet about how to transfer her chip to our name. And the owners have said they will sign something for us. It's just hard because they live a while away.

    There is a lot of evidence that they surrendered her to us though, on Facebook, and witnesses, and text messages... so that will hopefully work in our favour if anything goes belly up...

    P.S. Yes, I did mean I was away from the pc lol, sorry =) my partner was home distracting me =D

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