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    OT a little.
    The mother of my pups diagnosed my cancer before the doctors did. I only realised this when her behaviour of nosing my chest a lot stopped. I had only had her a couple of weeks before the pups were born so I didn't know her terribly well.
    We are watching her now to see if she starts it again as it is possible that I have relapsed.
    That behaviour is not happening as yet. My tumour load was pretty big when I did get her.
    The other 2 pups I have no idea whether they will have this ability or not.
    I often spill stuff on my chest when eating so I have to allow that they could be sniffing that, lol.

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    I totally beleive she could smell/sence the cancer.
    I had a spot on my leg Bubba would nudge & lick every chance he could get. Turned out to be a sun spot that needed removing.
    I have 2 quite different bloodlines & am finding not both are exelling at these sort of skills & it's very much 1 bloodlines gift but not the other bloodlines so much.
    My sisters dog wakes her when she gets to low & went crazy when she nearly ended up in a coma & we came to see what all the fuss was about & found her very sick. We would not have checked on her for hrs as she said she was having a sleep & it could have been too late.
    For those interested here is a website with some good info on Diabetic Alert dogs.........
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