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Thread: New Dog Registry.. Coockapoo

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    Miss TA,
    So agree about the grooming needs & some of these x's are more time comsuming to keep well groomed than a poodle. The other sercet never shared is ear hair & plucking it, dogs hate it & so do I.
    Thankfully that was my number 1 pethate with poodles & I worked hard on breeding it out & only my pure girl Milly needs her ears plucked now. But even after all these years you get surprises coat wise & size yet they advertise them like they are breeding true after a mere 2 or 3 generations.
    Yes it concerned me in general actully.
    I put it in the breeders section as I have had several new threads moved lately for not being in the right place & I thought this was where you talked breeds & thats what they are trying to say that it's a breed.
    I do not think it is a breed at all personally.
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    I must be thick, as I have re read your post's several times and I get confused.

    Quote;"cull to me means removal from breeding programe or adolsentant desexing)."

    "Removal from breeding program" does this mean pts?

    I spend my weekends protesting against PF and BYB , donating money and working in a shelter. So we will have to agree to disagree, as some will disagree with what I do.
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    no cull to me means if they are young dogs desexing & same for breeding adults that produce a pup with faults or simalar. I just mean it will be removed from being able(breeding) to keep passing on the fault dog will be desexed & will not be rehomed but live with me as they have every right to.
    I do not contribute to pounds & shelter & once you fully read my linked postd on the other thread you will see that.
    I do not breed for profit & never intended to.
    I have no problem agreeing to disagree but you need to know excatly where I stand before you know if you disagree.
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    This thread also has alot of info on my beliefs & practises, again most info is from pg4 onwards.
    I would also like to add I devoted nearly 7yrs to rescue full time in sydney & have rehomed & rehabbed many dogs also. I do not do it fulltime now but do still take in dogs that others deem unfixable & homable & will always take any dog back that passes through my yard.
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    I've owned Cockers for 40 years and haven't had one yet with an ear problem. Not saying ear problems don't exist, maybe I've just been lucky?

    Crazydog, what breeds do you use in your crossbreeding?

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    I did read your whole post.

    Lesson on search engines (eg google): By including the link to their website you inadvertedly (and some people do it deliberately) promote their website, because google picks up the link and they go up in google rankings and people on this website will click on the spoodle link (I guess cockapoo sounds too much like parrot to an Aussie), and visit the website thereby updating their hit ranking directly.

    So if you want to say it's a bad idea, better to link to an article that supports your idea, than directly to a website that promotes an idea that you are opposed to. I hope that makes sense.

    Dogs Life Articles, Dog Information - Dog Breeders - Dog Training,

    Above is a really interesting article with arguments for and against cross breeding and comparing it with pure breeding.

    I'm not sure what to think of people who create a cross breed (aka designer dog) and say that it has "hybrid vigor" and health benefits from that and then - want to get their "new dog breed" listed with the purebred dogs. First they say it's bad to limit the gene pool and then they set up a club to limit the gene pool.

    Gawd I'm having a bitchy day today. Sorry Crazydog. Didn't mean to take it out on you.

    PS - I'm not against cross breeds - I've got one. I am against puppy mills. And I am against people breeding without doing what they can to maximise the chances of making healthy puppies. I also feel ambivalent about introducing new breeds when existing breeds would meet the same needs and risk disappearing from lack of interest. And I am against breeding dogs to a standard that means the dog can't live a healthy life. So I'm like the article there are good and bad things about cross breeding and pure breeding - it's got more to do with how responsible the human is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellie View Post
    I've owned Cockers for 40 years and haven't had one yet with an ear problem. Not saying ear problems don't exist, maybe I've just been lucky?

    Crazydog, what breeds do you use in your crossbreeding?
    That's great to hear about your cockers ears & maybe it's being bred out & was limited to certain bloodlines. Although I also think it's the humid wet climate of some areas is a problem for any heavily drop eared breed & Cockers & poodles have extra long ears & quite think ear leathers also making fresh airation of the the air cannal impossible.

    I am a little shy to say exactly what breeds I have used for 2 reasons, first being seen as promoting others to do it & second I would hate for anyone to think ok so if I mix the breeds she stated you get such & such outcome.
    But I will say all my bitches are high % poodle & 1 of my males is about 30% Shih Tzu. Maltesse & Lhasa are other breed although the Lhasa blood is mim these days. I started with a few breeds then added one other later one.
    I could post a pic of 2 of my pups & some adults if you want.
    They are not for sale & is only for poeples interest sake not as a promotion.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Again, I agree with Hycinth.

    I guess my other problem is that you have worked in rescue yet purposely breed crosses. To me the two don't go together. JMO.

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    I can't get your link to work.
    I don't promote my dogs in any way as I am not out to make money but hybrid vigour has it's points but has genrally been blow way out of porportions compared to the actul results.
    I have as much againts puppy mills/farmers as anyone probley more as I get treated as I at times by some poeple.
    I have no interest into trying to make a new breed & am quite sure my line oif mutts will die with me.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    I would be interested to see them.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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