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Thread: Would You Advertise a Pup Looking This Unkeep??

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    My neighbour is disgusting. He smokes, his partner there are ash trays around, and they only get emptied on garbage day.

    But the worst thing is that he never picks up his dog's poo. The back yard near his outdoor entertaining area is paved with it. I am surprised his lawn mower man will mow at all - I wouldn't - it's a health hazard. And he has fruit trees - with fruit going mouldy on the tree and the ground and he doesn't pick that up either.

    And his dog has a "doggy cold" eg kennel cough
    and his partner's daughter has something related to chronic fatigue x irritable bowel syndrome (IBS is doctor speak for we don't know why the gut is playing up).

    And I think they could start by cleaning up the environment. They do get a cleaning lady for inside, but the outside is putrid, and they spend most of their time at home in that outdoor entertaining area. Yuck.

    Here's hoping he has had his labradoodle desexed. And no he never asks me for info on how to look after the dog (or where to get one or train it etc).

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    Neighbours are such jackpots & you hardly ever win em, lol.........
    For the best part of my life we're used to not having neighbours within coo eee distance so moving into the outskirks of town & having a backyard racehorse trainer as my neighbour has been hell to say the least. He's training methods are very very old school & most end up as dog meat when he is finished with them. He will leave horse stand in yards for days at a time then ride them hard & put them back without enough work down. Just drives me mad seeing him waste good horses that could make good TB eventers, pony clubbers or any disapline really.
    The second worse thing to moving into town dog poo.............
    At the farm they would all go on poo patrol of a morning & evening where the dogs would run off down the paddocks or creek to do their thing. Here poo patrol is no fun at all & the only 1 getting any exercise is me & hubby on the end of a shovel, lol...........
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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