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Thread: Husky Anyone?

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    Default Husky Anyone?

    I love huskies and thinking of getting them someday =)
    Is it true they aren't as affectionate and attention demanding as compared to other breeds? o.o

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    A Husky isn't a breed, its like, a general term for a variety of different breeds.
    The Siberian and Alaskan are the most popular.
    They can be stubborn and difficult to handle for first time owners.
    I don't know much about them, but we have a few members that own them, they should be able to help you.
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    Well great dogs but never let them off lead, lol, they love to run.
    Yes some lines are a little aloof & really not that fussed about poeple but not all.
    I have only ever worked with a few & yrs ago my mum had a sib but she was very hard to contain & was a very dominate bitch. That said she was an adult rescue so who knows what happened to her before we had her.
    If you do get 1 see sib rescue as they have plenty needing new homes & dogzonline have a few needing rehomed also.
    They're not breed for everyone but if deadicated they can be buetiful dogs. Just my opinion.

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