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Thread: What to Feed New Mum?

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    Thankyou so much for the update! I bet youre proud as punch lol

    Now we need pics please
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Yes I'm so happy with how it all turned out. I'm even happier that I can see check their progress. Now how do I upload a photo...? Lol. I have pics on profile from when they were born, but how do I post to this wall. I have plenty of pics of Rocky Boa and Nellie Bean. They all had a play date not too long ago with Dash, hope I can be there for the next one. Took (Mum) Melisha to see the pups a couple weeks back and it was funny that she still disciplines them when they get a little rambunctious!

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