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Thread: Dog Breeders Education Booklet

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    This is a very good pdf put out by the ACT Canine association, It pretty much covers everything. And has great value to novice and experienced breeders alike.
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    Thanks Beau. Extra helpful especially for people, people like myself, who are planning to become a breeder.

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    great info, simalar to the paper Dogs NSW test you on for breeders prefixs.
    Thanks for posting.
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    Hi everyone, i have just bought my first "purebred" dog. I beautiful six month old blue roan cocker spaniel girl, she is absolutely stunning, i have now converted into a complete cocker spaniel nut LOL
    Wondering..... I would love to breed her when she is 2+, I bought her from a registered breeder up the coast, she does not have papers although both her parents do ( her father an "australian champion".)
    The breeder kept her and her sister for showing but decided now they are six months old that her sister made the cut better than she so decided to sell as a pet.
    She has told me that she is a nice bitch to breed if i do want to have pups to sell for pets.
    How will i go about getting a stud for her when the time comes and what colour should i/should i not breed her with, and any other info that you have would be great.
    If all goes well with her i would really love to get into "showing and breeding to better the breed", i just love this breed now and would like to dedicate my life to them!!!
    so like i said... any info would be GREAT.
    thank you so much

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