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    well my baby now has got mastitis =( we are booked in for the vet in the morning it only came this morning she has a lump in her second from the bottom boobie and her milk is a different color my poor baby girl i feel so sorry for her she has had a rough trot

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    poor girl. I hope it can be cleared up asap

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    Poor girl. Hopefully antibiotics while it's still nice and early will clear it up fast for her and she'll be ok soon!

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    thanks i hope so to she dont seem as though shes in pain and will still let puppies feed off the infected teat

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    Sorry to hear that

    Im not sure if the same applies as it does for humans, letting the pup suckle is really a good thing for it. I hope the anti-Bs clear it up asap.

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    yep it does help like us humans helps it from blocking more than it is

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    Hi, sorry to come in late with this, but apple cider vinegar cleared one of my girls with mastitis once... Poor mum was in agony and crying constantly during the night I gave her 10ml of ACV by syringe every hour and she was cleared in the morning... kept the pups with her and they suckled during the night also... hope it can help your girl...

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    well xena got anitB's and now the pups have the runs and it stinks

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