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Thread: If You Were a Breeder Would You Sell Me a Dog?

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    Jazz got a whippet today. All seems to be going very well.

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    haha thanks Di
    Yep got a little whippet girl yesterday and things are going wonderfully.
    She is four months old....
    My MIL will be here for the next month to make sure things go okay while I am at work. Yes still full-time... I have to work full-time to make sure they have everything they need and stay spoiled little things!
    Honestly though when I started this thread I wasn't even wanting a puppy! It has all just kind have come together that way
    Here she is:

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    She is just like satin... I love how they look like they've just clicked so well!

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    She's so cute!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    In all honesty I would never sell a dog to anyone where both parties are working full-time, unless it was employment based from home or something like that.

    I think it also comes down greatly to the breed of dog being sold, that dog's needs, and the level of knowledge and experience of the potential new owner.

    Oh dear and this is the reason pet shops selling puppy mill puppies are able to ask and get huge prices for pups because they sell to anyone!!!!!!

    Dog breeders need to remember that they are breeding DOGS not mini children.

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    I adore whippets - having grown up with them!

    I have worked full time most of my life untill the last 5 or 6 years and have always had dogs. ACDs in particular at the time I was working full time.

    Honestly there was never any problem. I just got up early and gave them and hour of exercise before work and when I got home regardless of the time and weather they got another hour of exercise at least down on the beach.

    Obedience and agility classes also 3 times a week. On the weekends we went camping, hiking or surfing and the dogs were always with me. They were fine as baby puppies too. They had meaty bones several times a week and a dog door into the house. They were probably better trained and looked after than friends who were at home busy with kids etc. where the dogs often got relegated to the back yard and were never formally exercised, trained or walked.

    Our obedience classes where I was an instructor had plenty of family dogs gone feral!
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