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Thread: If You Were a Breeder Would You Sell Me a Dog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prince View Post
    You see... Proper questions like yours Staffwild get ignored because some peoplon this forum...

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    I said I don't care who you insult, not I don't care IF you insult people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    prince, it's pretty obvious you are only here to go trolling...

    I'd love to see you say half the things you have said here to people faces. .
    Why is that?

    In real life they couldn't report me to the mods...

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    Quote Originally Posted by prince View Post
    Why is that?

    In real life they couldn't report me to the mods...
    That is true. In real life the mod would have snotted you in the nose and laid you out flat on your arse. Now bye bye.
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    hahaha I was thinking the same but it was just a hypothetical question...... It's one of our requirements, well we don't make everyone desex their pups (we pay for the op at 6mths or so) (well last litter we did lol as it was an accidental), but we do not sell breeding pups, so choices are desexed pet, show dog (and maybe breeding if the dog turns out and passes its health testing).... We do co-own all entire dogs until they are desexed to stop irresponsible breeding and that is it, we never ask for a thing back from the buyers or pups.....

    Are we hard to buy a pup from?? Not if you are a genuine pet buyer, and we are always around 24/7 to call for help or advice once that pup leaves, no matter what the problem, but if you are interested in breeding only then it's near on impossible to get a Staffwild puppy.... I have a few puppy buyers who have gone the hard yards, shown their dogs, health tested (with passes) and have accepted my scrutinizing of their dogs and what I feel they need to find in order to breed on with their pups and IMPROVE the breed, which at the end of the day is the end goal, not to replicate, not to put pups on the ground for friends etc......

    Those same people are the ones that sit with us at shows, are over on weekends having BBQ's etc, we do not treat our buyers as buyers they become friends for life lol so in saying that, they gotta be pretty decent people...
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    Quote Originally Posted by prince View Post
    Your puppy is very cute and it fits into the standards of staffy's like Mr Bean fits the standards of a human. Two legs two arms and can talk. But not the best looking man now is he. But we will always think that our own is the best won't we???

    And I don't blame you for not wanting to sell me a puppy as I wouldn't be putting a custom designer made collar on his neck. My bulldog's collar was $7.50. My lab's was $15.50 and my X bitch's collar was a whopping $70

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    wow this really blew out lol.

    I have a question not asked yet I think, are you just after a pet? if so will you be desexing?
    yes a pet, definitely desexed. Never had an un desexed dog my entire life, the family dogs were always done as soon as they hit the 6 month mark.
    Not interested in showing and certainly not breeding and all the ick that comes with it.
    And not really a lover of puppies....

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    lol maybe an adult dog would suit you better than a young puppy...

    But personally, if your fencing was good, you knew what you were getting yourself into, I wouldn't have too much of an issue, mind you there would be a few more questions and probably a lets get together beforehand, but as a pretty picky breeder, I would be interested in you as a puppy buyer....

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    here here well done staffwild u asked the right questions and thats all jazz and banjo wanted to know, i too am a breeder and show my dogs and they also get the same kind of putdowns like urs ( but u get more) but if she /he was willing to desex it and was happy to meet me and answer my questions and i would want to see how theyd react with my dogs( so really they need to be prepared to spend a few hours at my house playing with my dogs) then i too would possible consider letting them become a potential puppy owner, well said again staffwild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    In all honesty I would never sell a dog to anyone where both parties are working full-time, unless it was employment based from home or something like that.

    I think it also comes down greatly to the breed of dog being sold, that dog's needs, and the level of knowledge and experience of the potential new owner.
    What!?! So you'd basically write off more than half population And please, which breed needs your attention 24/7? All and none - depends how you raise them and teach them, and of course of the health of the dog but that is not a primary thing when selling a pup.
    I have to agree with DA. After having Mia, and being with her day in and day out for the last year, baby puppies need so much, 3 meals a day, warmth and sleep time, they need guidence to learn the rules, if they're left alone all day, they wont get any of those things.
    I'm sorry, but I raised all my dogs with no dramas (well a bit of drama with one of them ) and I always worked full time. It is better to ask if they are willing to take time off work. Because, someone might be working part time and then get a full time job. I just don't think it's fair.
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    Respect and you shall be respected. Animal is always right.

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