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    I was wondering if someone could give me genuine advice on how long to wait until re-introducing a new mum to the other dogs of the family. Pups are 5 days old and mum really wants to meet the other dogs again.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well 5 days is rather early. All of my bitches with pups have driven away the other dogs until the pups are about 3.5 weeks old.

    In other words when the puppies are on some solid food (well actually it's mushy food) and are lapping some water, they have moved from the whelping box into the play pen out in the lounge room and mum is only feeding a few times a day and she is ready to have time away from them as a natural course of things.

    Personally I would be loath to re-introduce her to the other dogs until the pups are two weeks old in case they divert her attention from the puppies altogether.

    But each bitch is different and only you know your girl. Is she a good mum, very attentive to the puppies or is wanting to be with the others distracting her from her job. Are you wanting to let the other dogs in to her, or her out to them in an area away from the puppies.

    Is she a maiden bitch or had several litters. Is being away from the other stressing her??

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I also think it's rather early but I can see that she would love to meet the others again. She is not a maiden bitch, has had one litter before (via C-section), this time she gave birth naturally and without any problems and is a very good mum.

    I would not let the other dogs into the puppy room at all, but was wondering if it could cause any problems to the puppies or her if she would have an "out time" for a few minutes in the backyard with the others in between.

    She now can go out into our extra puppy yard which is just for her and later for the puppies, separate from the big backyard, and she always goes back in after only a very short time.

    Thanks again

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    Well if she's a good mum and you don't think she'll forget about her pups then by all means let her out with the others for short bursts.

    My mothers only ever want to leave the babies for enough time to go to the toilet in the first 2 weeks.

    Make sure there are no problems as she will smell a bit different and they may want to sniff her rear or any problems with the fact that she's getting special treatment.

    I pretty much give mum whatever they want that keeps her stress free, producing milk and happy good mothers.

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    Hi again,
    as I said in my first post I am not often on forums but I read with interest all the replies to my question. Thanks, guys.

    I am not a breeder, in fact so far all the dogs I ever had came either from a registered breeder or are some sort of rescue dogs.But I am very tolerant towards all dogs, no matter which breed or cross breed. My two girls here at home are an ex-assistance dog (Labradoodle), which I raised and trained myself for a person in a wheelchair, and when she was not needed anymore she came back to me, and a Golden Retriever girl who got caught up in the family split up of her former owners and I took her in. The Labradoodle is the first cross breed I ever owned so far and I have to say it was such a pleasure to train her, she is very smart, so willing to please and even learned also the more difficult things in her special task training amazingly fast, often already after the second try. Before the Labradoodle I raised and pre-trained a Labrador for Seeing Eye Dogs.
    The dogs I had before I came to Australia came from dog shelters.

    Anyway, I do have a friend who is cross breeding very carefully by selecting her parent dogs, doing all the health tests (hips/elbows, eyes, heart etc.) that also registered breeders are supposed to do etc.The all together 4 dogs, a stud dog, a now retired bitch and two younger bitches, are family dogs, leading their lives as much loved and cared for pets, pups are raised in the home and well looked after, housetrained before they leave, microchipped, vet checked, vaccinated... all the stuff that "good" breeders do and cross breeders supposedly don't do. Nevertheless this breeder just recently has been rejected by a pet insurance company just because she is cross breeding and therefore her puppies won't be insured as they would have been, if they were pure breed pups.

    The majority of people involved in dogs and breeding etc. don't seem to even try to make a difference between 'registered' breeders = automatically good breeders? and cross breeders = automatically bad breeders, who are always only after the money?? Why is that?

    And when does a breeder become a puppy farmer? Is it the number of breeding dogs, the way these dogs are held and treated, the number of litters per month/year? There are pure breeders out there that have definitely more than only one or two breeding dogs and also more litters per year than necessary to just better the breed standard. Aren't they also going in direction puppy mill then? Where to draw the line? Who has the right to decide which breed is 'right' and which isn't and therefore shouldn't be bred?

    I am definitely not for dog farmers, puppy mills, I am just a bit upset about the fact that many people obviously lump non pure breeders together without even trying to see that there are differences and not all cross breed dogs are automatically purely bred, neglegted etc.

    Thanks guys

    So you decided to breed afterall then ?
    Which breed did you end up going with ?
    Pics of pups are a must
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Hi Choppa Chop,
    when I recently went on this forum again I read your comments about someone who obviously also has the name Siska. But I have to disappoint you - I am not this person.

    As for the breeding: the dog I have been asking about is actually a rescue GR that we took in when she already was pregnant. Her former people didn't want to put up with puppies again after all - that's what we were told but I think it was more likely because of the costs of a possible repeat C-Section??? We will never know for sure and I don't care - most important thing is that the mum and pups are healthy and once the pups will have found new homes we will have mum desexed and will have a really good life as part of our, now even more extended, family.

    Thanks for your concerns and comments.


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