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Thread: I Think I Have Found My Dalmatian Breeder!

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    They certainly seem to have lots of time and effort invested in their dogs which is nice Myf.

    Don't be afraid to talk to breeders ahead of time and let them know what you're thinking. Most would be pleased to know you are being so considerate and planning things with plety of time to get them right.

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    Yep , what Nat said

    I'm currently looking into Border breeders and have emailed a couple , letting them know it would be a while , but they were really lovely and thought it was great I was out there now getting to know things.

    Also I agree with Mac in that multiple breeds doesn't have to mean not good breeders. Many of the top Bully kennels have other breeds as well( and breeds that would surprise you ) and it by no means makes them any less
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    Border Collies or Border Terriers Choppa?

    And yep, more than one breeds is far from unusual. Like me having extra salukis to show when I'm really just a borzoi person...

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    Collies Nat

    I did mention a Borzoi to the OH , he seemed quite interested until he saw the size. he reckons he gets less enough of the bed already ...ppfft...whinging males , I tell ya .

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    Thanks everyone, I think I definately will email them.
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    Wishing you good luck in finding a good breeder & a dog that is everything your heart desires

    Sorry i cant offer advice in regards to who,what breeder is good or not as i have no idea about Dalmatians or Dalmatian breeders.

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    A lady who works at the college i go to has a dog from these guys. She got him as a 12month old pup that was going to be used for breeding but things didnt work out or something or other.. didnt go into details about it with her, might still be used for breeding, hasnt been castrated yet and Jendally is waiting for a sperm sample from him to be tested

    Anyway hes an absolute stunning liver spotted boy with the most fantastic nature and the Bel (the owner) said that the breeder was fantastic in explaining things and they still keep in contact now, Bel flew over to meet Jack from WA and stuck a very good deal with Jendallywhen she got the dog . His name is Jendally Outback Jack - his picture is on the website and Bel has commented in the guestbook

    Jack is a very very lovely dog with a gorgeous nature and he is very vigourous and healthy too, we use him for all sorts of stuff at college... poor boy gets bandaged from head to toe etc but he takes it all in without a blink of an eye
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    All the best myf.

    I hope you end up with long lasting happiness, you deserve it.

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    Hi myf,

    Dalmatians are wonderful dogs, Archie was my first puppy after owning 2 greyhounds [which we got at 3yrs]. Archie is now 9months old and still a bit of a trouble maker, he recently destroyed my camera! I have met Dalmatians that are 6yrs and still play like a puppy, and have heard some people say that they knew older ones [13yrs] that still played like that. I can say they will keep you busy and vigilant about your belongings!

    I got Archie from a breeder in QLD, [prefix] Throdice. The breeder kept one of his sisters and is showing her. Archie is a pet dog, no showing or agility, he is just a dog who is incredibly spoilt, dog park every day [minimum 1hr, but we have been known to stay there for 3hrs] then followed by a 30 minute walk.

    Before we got Archie the breeder got the hearing tested cause they are known to be deaf or just deaf in one ear. Some breeders I have read get the pups dew claws removed, I don't see why that needs to be done if it is just a pet dog.

    I hope you find a breeder you like the sound of & find a wonderful companion.

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