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Thread: Who Has Experience in Export Dogs?

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    Default Who Has Experience in Export Dogs?

    who has experience in Export dogs? Which Documents which certifcates.. How old must the dogs by.. etc..
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    The rules for sending a dog from Australia to another country would depend on the destination country and would likely be different for each country.

    The rules for bringing dogs into Australia are really strict. There are customs rules and quarantine rules that need to be followed.

    Not sure how old a dog needs to be to fly in a plane - that may depend on the company you choose to fly it with.

    So you need to ask the embassy of the country you want to fly the dog to. And you need to ask the company you wish to use to fly the dog with.

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    I don''t live in australia i live in holland.. but its good to hear that the rulez are everywhere different..
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    Pups must be 12 weeks or more to leave Australia other rules may be found here for dogs going out of Australia here. Animex - Search if you are getting a out of Holland rules will be different.

    Paperwork is best done by a profesional dog moving firm such as Dog Tainers or Jet pets Google those and find their websites or find a firm in your own country who regularly handles the import and export of dogs.

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    These are the australian regulations for importing pets

    With regards to the protocols on entering Australia there are some important items to consider with regards to the rabies vaccination and antibody blood test.

    Your pets would need to have a rabies vaccination and then a RNATT (rabies antibody blood test) as these are the critical parts of the process. AQIS recommends that if the animal has never been previously rabies vaccinated to wait at least 4 weeks after the rabies vaccination. This enables the animal to produce sufficient antibodies to record a positive result.

    The date that the blood is drawn for the RNATT will determine the amount of time the pet must stay in quarantine in Australia. I have attached the chart below to show the timeframes. To have the minimum quarantine period of 30 days would require the blood to be taken 150 days or more prior to your pets arrival into Australia.

    Time from when blood was drawn

    for the RNATT prior to arrival in Australia
    Minimum quarantine period

    in Australia

    150 days or more prior to arrival in Australia
    30 days

    135 days prior to arrival in Australia
    45 days

    120 days prior to arrival in Australia
    60 days

    90 days prior to arrival in Australia

    60 days prior to arrival in Australia
    120 days

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