Hey Everyone

I just thought I would introduce myself and let you know all about our kennels.
I have been Breeding and Showing Tibetan Spaniels, Whippets and Italian Greyhounds for many years and for the last five or so I have also been breeding and training for a non-profit organisation Paws For Diabetics Inc. who train Diabetic alert dogs. Now we have created a breeding program for them aswel. Our star puples right now are the Whippets and Standard Poodles.

Personally I LOVE my Tibetan Spaniels and although they are not the easiest to train, they are great companions and I love showing them. The whippets are great dogs too. Poodles are really good dogs to train, they are so smart! But I did not enjoy showing them... too much like hard work lol I am however looking into a Border Collie to train, I got to play with one once (I was doing a bit of training for someone) nd they are so smart its scary!! I think I could have some great fun with that!

So if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them