Was linked here thru viewing of another thread which is current.

I have owned cats prior to my current boy,of which my girl only had the one kitten,and that being born dead which was horrifying to me as i was also then pregnant with my first child. I then spent a small fortune at the vets as she was still large and there were no more kittens forthcoming. The gave her a needle to induce things and nothing happened. I was kept informed and told they were going in for a C section and asked if i wished her to be de-sexed at that time. I stated that she would only have to come back anyway for that to be done,so if they were opening her up to do it then. It turned out she had no more kittens inside,she only had the one kitten (dead) and an infection inside her. This was cleaned up,she was de-sexed,and i was then able to pick her up the following day. The horror of that day still lives with me,and will forever live with me. This thread has again re-inforced my decision to NOT breed.

My dog will be my baby,and my friend,i wont put her (if it is to be a female) life in danger.

Thank you for posting a true,blunt,honest view on breeding that EVERYONE should read regardless if they are thinking of breeding or not.