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Thread: Wanted Bologneses Puppie

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    Hi There

    My wife is excited about a bolognese puppie and I would like to find a breeder in Australia, can anybody help as I am finding it hard to locate somebody in Australia that breeds them.

    Kind Regards


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    Plenty of breeders of Bichon Frise around. Why not consider one of them?

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    Thats what my wife has her heart set on and I would like to make that possible for her...


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    They aren't yet recognised by the ANKC, so it would be unlikely that there would be any available in Australia. Any that had been recently imported would not likely be for sale.

    If you've got the money you can import. There seems to be some dedicated breeder in the USA. But even there they are considered a rare breed so waiting lists would o doubt apply.

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