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    I’ve always loved British Bulldogs and am interested in breeding them in the future. I’ve done a fair bit of research but still have lots of questions. I understand that to become a registered breeder you must become a member of your states dog council (dogsnsw). Register for a prefix and then make sure to buy quality dogs from a reputable breeder. One question I have is do you always start breeding with puppies or can you start with more mature dogs, who have perhaps even had a litter before?

    I understand that breeding is a very expensive hobby particularly with Bulldogs. I’m only going into because I’ve always loved dogs and I genuinely want to improve the breed by breeding healthy bulldogs, with a good temperament that meet the breed standard. I am a stay at home mum and so have a lot of time to dedicate to the dogs and puppies.

    I would love any tips and advice from people that are breeding. Anything you wish you’d known when you started out? I also have more specific questions if there is anyone that breeds British Bulldogs specifically? Also when you approach a breeder to purchase a puppy, I get the impression that most of them don’t want to sell to you unless you have experience and an established breeding program but everyone has to have started somewhere right?

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    I think the best place to start is to perhaps go to some dog shows and get really familiar with the breed. Introduce yourself and meet breeders and if they are too busy at the show perhaps make an appointment to go and and look at the their dogs and talk to them about everything bulldog. When I have gone to view pups I have sometimes spent quite a few hours with the breeder. They often love showing off their dogs and talking about the breed if they feel you are genuinely interested. You need to establish a connection and you may have to visit several breeders and shows to do this.

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    Kalacreek is right. Also go visit shows and see what type you like best. There is variation within every breed, you will notice temperaments, shapes, colours etc you like better then others. Decide what you like and what you want to perpetuate from your own kennel.

    I am going to start breeding late next year, working Belgian Malinois. Its taken me 10 years of researching, meeting dogs, learning about lines and what they produce etc before choosing to do it myself. They're dying out, I've met the people who need them and I have a good idea of what I need to produce to keep the services happy and make sure a litter sells (OK, I know it's not about the money but your pups need to find homes and you need to try and recoup some costs so you can do it again ... otherwise you're stuck with dogs no one wants and you're about to be poor and hungry feeding them all)

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    'haylz9' - to become a registered and ethical breeder of dogs of any breed - as far as I am concerned is a long term project - and I am talking years here - as 'Nekhbet' said.

    To become a registered breeder with your local state CC body – it is just a case of going through the hoops and following all the red tape – and passing an exam !

    To find an appropriate dog or bitch to breed with – now that is a totally different ballgame and what takes the time. This is where you need to do heaps of research.

    A couple of links for you:

    Breeding | Dogs NSW

    Australian National Kennel Council

    British Bulldogs are not a ‘cheap’ breed to get into. Breeding them is costly – because it usually means AI and a caesarean section to get live puppies.

    Then you have to take into account the health concerns with this breed (link below) - and the testing you should be doing of the parents - to make sure that the puppies that you breed are as healthy as they possibly can be.

    Disorders by Breed - British bulldog - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    So what will you need to do to become a breeder ?

    Know the ‘ins and outs’ and all the details of the breed standard and all the health problems and tests that are available and required for this breed.

    As both 'Kalacreek' and 'Nekhbet‘’ said - go to as many shows as you can and see the dogs. The ones that you believe are excellent examples of the breed – then go and introduce yourself to their breeders.

    What you are looking to do here is to find a mentor. This is the only way I know of to be able to get a main registered dog – particularly a foundation bitch to start your kennel.

    Most breeders will run on their picks of the litter and are very protective of their pups – especially their females. The first pup that you could be offered will be a male. If you are offered a female first up – be very suspicious.

    Once you are offered a pup - then your ‘apprenticeship’ with your breeder mentor will start in earnest. The breeder will use this starting point to find out all about you and whether you will be worth the effort.

    So – plenty of research and Good Luck !

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    Your number one starting point for getting into British Bulldog breeding.

    The NSW BB club

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