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Thread: Having trouble identifying my dogs breed/s

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    Question Having trouble identifying my dogs breed/s

    Hey all my sister brought home a small dog that was destined for the pound, at first we thought we wouldn't keep him but he grew on us way too much and has become a part of the family.
    He is a great dog, literally the star of our little street, great with the younger kids next door, very playful and friendly, he has a bit of smarts about him too.
    But we are having trouble identifying what breed or cross breed he is, at first we though he might be pure bred but then after awhile we thought he has to be a cross breed, we are not big dog breeders and our family choice in breed in the past has usually been blue heelers/australian cattle dog,
    This little tyke has grown on us so much we want to be able to tell people when they ask what breed he is, because he is just such a great dog all round.
    Any help or a point in the right direction will help us out alot!
    rebel pic1.jpg
    rebel pic2.jpg

    ps. his name is Rebel
    and i hope this post is in the right forum too, (its my first thread on this site)

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    Hello 'Benn0' and Rebel.

    What a little cutie Rebel is! I can see a little bit of corgi in him (no stupmy legs though) and maybe some sort of terrier, I might even see a bit of cavalier in there? Both our dogs are 'mystery breed' pound dogs too so I know how frustrating it can be not knowing what breeds are in them.

    Here is a photo I found of a corgi cross terrier.. looks sorta like him!


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    Maybe a Labrador cross border collie? Haha that's what I guess, probably way off though.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    My Dog is a mixed breed, can anyone suggest me how do i identify him ?
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    Maybe a german shep x corgi? I kind of see the shepherd in the face and tail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinhun View Post
    My Dog is a mixed breed, can anyone suggest me how do i identify him ?
    Really help if you posted a photo.

    I'm confused about why you joined two years ago and now you're posting for the first time ever - from India. In an OLD thread.

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