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Thread: What happens after a dogs scheduled Cesarean?

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    Default What happens after a dogs scheduled Cesarean?

    What happens with the puppies and mum after the surgery?

    Could you please tell me what happens from the last puppy to when they get home and how to care for puppies and mum?


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    Hi 'Ashlee Finch' and to the forum !

    I would be asking your vet as far as what they suggest you do. I would be very surprised if they did not give you written guidelines as to what to expect.

    The anaesthetics they use nowadays mean that 'mum' would be awake but groggy soon after the operation - and then mum and bubs go home - as long as there are no complications.

    As long as you remember that she will not understand what has happened to her and she will be groggy for a few hours and with all these things squeaking - it will all be upsetting for her. So it will be up to you to put pups on teats to start the whole process going for her - milk coming down and mothering hormones starting to kick in.

    I would take in some of my own towels to use for when the bubs are born and I would also get some placenta to take home with you in case mum is really not keen on the pups. All you need to do is wipe some on the pup's head and then put pup close to mum's face and it shouldn't be long before she is licking puppies clean. How many you have to do this to will depend on the mum.

    Do you have a whelping box or somewhere for mum and bubs to be ? I would have everything set up well before the C section - newspapers, towels and anything else you may need.

    You may have to be there for quite a while - supervising. It will take awhile for mum to be good on her feet - so the chance of her inadvertently squashing bubs is something you have to be mindful of.

    What I did when I had a litter at my place - I just moved a mattress beside the whelping box - and that is where I stayed for 3 nights.

    Keep the fluids up to mum and feed her when and what she wants.

    Heaps of Good Luck Wishes for the safe arrival of pups and that mum handles it all brilliantly !

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    RileyJ has given you great advice. The only thing to perhaps add is to remove the pups from mum for 24 hours and to put them onto her every 2 hours. This reduces the chance of her lying or sitting on them.

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