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Thread: Looking for a Golden Retriever stud

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    Default Looking for a Golden Retriever stud

    Hi, im interested to breed my beautiful 3 years old GR, if you or anyone you know is intersted, please do share with me.
    She's registered with MKA.


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    You will want to investigate the dangers, well documented, do a search, to your loved dog. Her life will not be enhanced by breeding.
    You may also want to consider what will happen to the puppies. Are you willing to microchip them and have them back at any time in their life if things go sour for them as it often does?
    I have refused to breed my girl although asked as I cannot see what benefit it is to her and she is worth a great deal more to me than money. In my case border collies are sadly well represented in shelters and rescue organisations and I don't want to be responsible for any pup having that misery.

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    Hi 'thesoundchick' and to the forum !

    You mention MKA - what do the letters mean, please ?

    Unless you have a bitch 'fully registered' with your State Canine Control Council - e.g. Dogs - Victoria, then the chances of finding a suitable male is probably close to zero.

    Have you had your bitch health tested for the usual health problems that are associated with GRs ? See the following website:

    Disorders by Breed - Golden retriever - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    Female dogs do not need to have a litter of pups ! Have a look at the following from this forum:

    It is not easy or for the faint-hearted to have a litter of pups from your bitch, if you wish to be seen as a responsible Breeder !

    Just a few things for you to think about !

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    MKA is Dogs Malaysia. If you want a registered litter here you have to transfer her papers to the ANKC and get yourself a kennel prefix in order to access registered stud dogs in Australia.

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