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Thread: Looking For Bitch

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    It is really a problem of perspective and to be honest so many are bred just because people don't think it through. The person was offended but possibly that is not a very bad thing if viewed in the light of Hyacinth's post.
    When Maggie was younger several people asked if I would let their dog mate with her for a litter. I didn't consider it for a moment but I had spent a lot of time on this forum absorbing and searching for information. I have a friend who mates her 2 shitzu maltese X and it mystifies me.... 3 litters in the last 12 months!!

    Maybe Venom has friends who don't want to offend them, so we did... OK with that I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matty_qld View Post
    Wow some of you guys are horrible.... You guys could have tried to take a little tactfulness in explaining breeding procedures when it comes to pedigrees rather than mock people and belittle them for what they don't know. Freaking keyboard heros
    Oh you have to be kidding!!
    Keyboard warriors now are we???
    Please.Enlighten me on where we were 'horrible' .....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post
    lol this was one hit in probably serveral thousand misses
    I got nothing to say but re-reading this brought a smile to my dial remembering some of Jack's antics

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    Quote Originally Posted by venom2374 View Post
    Firstly, I dont need a lecture on breeding " Beloz "
    The reason I joined this sight was to find a respectable breeder and to breed with another Cane Corso ( Because there hard to find ) not to Cross Breed.
    What gives you guys the right to say im irresposible? i cant have children so i own 2 dogs, cat, 2 snakes, scorpion, frogs, gecko and bearded dragon and treat each and every one of them with the love they deserve. ( they are my Children ) seems like you guys are full of yourself trying to gang up on people. obviously joined the wrong group!!!! Full of Ranger wannabes.
    I guess the answer is that no respectable breeder would consider this proposition for very good reasons.

    I think everyone has a right to voice their opion of responsibility when it comes to breeding dogs because it causes such huge problems, both for the dog and also for an owner if they end up having to deal with inherited defects.

    With regards to hip dsyplasia, unless the vet had done xrays of your dogs hips you wont know if he is a perfect specimen. My dog has mild HD although it is only because I had his hips scanned that I know, otherwise he is very well structured at first glance and the HD is sub clinical, but I would never breed him.

    I dont have children either and love my animals. However I would prefer to rescue them than breed them. There are sooo many deserving dogs out there that are euthanaised without ever getting the love they deserve. Wouldnt you rather give one of them the love than adding to the problem?

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    I was asked just last night if Bandit could be put over a friend's bitch as she was looking for a good looking sire. Ummmmmmmmm, nope.
    Told our mate that is here a few times a week that if I find Bandit is not here then I will have HIS balls.
    He takes note of me at times as once, during a trying to quit smoking time he came here when I was having one and he tried to take it from me. I told him if he went any further I would stub it out in his eye.

    He backed off, wonder why, lol and yes, great mates still.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I don't think Venom is coming back. But hopefully this thread will educate a few lurkers.

    Personally, it's a bit hard to have a conversation with someone who chucks a hissy fit the second someone suggests that what they want to do might be a bad idea. This is how Michael Jackson got himself into so much trouble and then dead. He got rid of everybody and anybody who openly disagreed with him.

    The opening poster (OP) asked for help. He got help, just not exactly the sort he was expecting. I hope he gets over his upset and does a bit more research. And if he must have puppies - does as many proper health checks as he can for both dog and bitch. And has homes lined up for any potential puppies - in advance.

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